US Talent ID scheme


AS level Physical Education (PE) (Managing Elite performance) Flowchart on US Talent ID scheme, created by 007842-Stuart Denton on 31/01/2017.
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  • Pro Leagues
  • College/ University
  • High schools(Little Leagues)
  • Proud of Achievements
  • Regular competition
  • Pride in Records
  • Specialist coaching 
  • High quality facilities
  • Schools take their sport very seriously, hiring specific personal for teams
  • Lots of the community get involved sponsoring sides and turning up to watch games.
  • Opportunity to gain 4 year scholarships
  • Although they can't pay students to attend their college, they can make very generous offers
  • Many of the college games are televised
  • Attract large crowds and are made an entertainment spectical
  • College are often endorsed by big business
  • Providing the college with top quality equipment
  • Although there is special coaches, there is also a head athletic director at colleges that will have to balance funding to all sport
  • Unfortunately, the job or the director is very subjective to how the teams do in sports competitions
  • NCAA- Oldest and most prestigious sports colleges
  • NAIA- colleges tend to be smaller and less scholarships given out
  • PENN State College
  • NJCAA- The courses at the college in association only last two years.
  • Missouri Valley College
  • Dean College
  • Sport comes first for scholarship holders 
  • Many Committing 50+ hours a week.
  • Where every high school and college performer aims to be in
  • Worst performing sides in pro leagues get first pick, then best teams have picks later on 
  • All  matches are recorded and performers often have to complete further fitness tests
  • Simulates similar psychological pressures to that of pro leagues 
  • Top facilities
  • Lombardianism- Winning is everthing
  • Produces highly competitive athletes from day one.
  • American Dream- A belief that happiness and sucess is secured through wealth
  • DECENTRALISED- There isn't a sole governing body overseeing proceedings
  • DATA ANALYSIS-  Huge part of the college training and selecting best players for roster.
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