The Water Cycle


Detailed description of the water cycle
Zita Wormuth
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  • 1. Evaporation Water at surface turns into water vapours via heat energy from sun, moving it from hydrosphere to atmosphere
  • 2. Condensation Water vapour rises into atmosphere. The high altitude changes vapour into particles of ice/water forming clouds
  • 3. Sublimination The process of snow and ice changing into water vapour without melting into water
  • 4. Precipitation Clouds pour down as precipitation due to temp. or wind change. Does this because clouds cannot hold any more water. Water droplets combine to make larger droplets
  • 5. Transpiration Some water absorbed by soil. Water, soil, plant roots, stem, leaves -> evaporation
  • 6. Infiltration Water that doesnt runoff or is evaporated is absorbed deep into the soil and is purified to form groundwater
  • 7. Runoff Pours down in water form off surface of earth. Displaces soil and moves minerals and water enters hydrosphere
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