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most common vein used for venipuncture median cubital
most common size needle for venipuncture 21 gauge
smallest vein venule
smallest artery arteriole
prep venipuncture site with ____ 70% isopropyl alcohol
tourniquet placement 3-4 inches above draw site
maximum length of tourniquet application 1 minute
tourniquets left on too long can cause ____ hemoconcentration
additive in lavender top tubes EDTA
additive in light blue top tubes sodium citrate
additive in yellow top tubes ACD or SPS
additive in green top tubes heparin
hemograms are drawn in _____ tube lavender top
INR (PT) is drawn in _____ tube light blue top
most important step when drawing a patient patient identification
protection required to draw a patient gloves
important step to prevent spread of infection hand washing
oxygen rich blood drawn from this blood vessel artery
oxygen poor blood drawn from this blood vessel vein
technique to keep veins from rolling anchoring
allowing drying time before drying blood cultures prevents contamination
where to draw an IV patient below the IV site
EDTA binds ____ to prevent clotting calcium
why do you get fibrin strands in sample tubes? spinning tube too soon
steps after needle stick tell supervisor, cleanse site
body system that includes the heart and lungs cardiovascular
cause of hematoma needle through the vein/needle not in far enough
what must be handed out to those who use/buy a chemical product? MSDS sheets
parenteral transmission transferring bacteria into the body/blood stream
National Fire Protection Label # for most harm 4
blood culture bottles are ___ anaerobic and aerobic
organization whose name just changed to Clinical Lab Standards Institute (CLSI) NCCLS
protective isolation rooms protect _____ the patient
signs of good body language eye contact, smiling, standing up straight, etc.
therapeutic drug levels' tube red top, no SST
chain of custody drawing everyone who handles the sample must sign for it (court cases)
disposable blood drawing equipment prevents _____ spread of infection
names for coagulation lab test INR, PT, Protime, coumadin check
why do you not need to use a pipette to pour off a serum SST tube? SST gel separates serum from other components
why and how to balance a centrifuge prevent the centrifuge from spinning off balance and breaking tubes; balance matching (level) tubes opposite each other
can plasma be used if it has buffy coat in it? no
when in doubt, should you use a plain red top or SST tube? why? plain red top; majority of chemistry tests can be done with it
what must you do daily on lab machines? qc (quality controls)
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