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Questions on secondary storage, what forms it comes in, RAM, ROM and virtual memory. Please rate and comment so I know haw to improve these resources for future use by other people, thanks :-) Please rate and comment so I know haw to improve these resources for future use by other people, thanks :-)
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Why do computers need secondary storage? Computers need secondary storage to allow the user to store programs, files and information for later uses.
A band has recorded and wants to sell their new album on a mass scale, what type of secondary storage device should they use? They should use a CD-ROM as they are light, portable and cheap to produce in mass.
What is RAM? RAM, or random access memory is there to store all the instructions that the CPU needs to execute.
What is internal and external secondary storage? Internal storage is any type of secondary storage that is inside the computer, whereas external storage is outside the computer.
Mary has done her homework on her computer but her internet isn't working so she can't email it. What secondary storage device should Mary use to get her homework into school? Mary should use a solid state storage stick as they are small, portable and are quite resistant to most damage.
Where is virtual memory found? In the internal secondary storage.
What is virtual memories purpose? To store instructions when the RAM has overflown.
How does a magnetic hard drive work? It has a small re-writable disk inside it and an arm that is moved back and forth by magnets and this arm writes data to the disk to be later re-read.
What are the 3 levels of cache? L1: Usually part of the CPU itself and is the smallest but fastest to access. L2: Can be internal or external to the CPU but is larger. L3: The largest and furthest away, often shared by most or all cores.
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