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Conservatism: The Desire to Conserve - Response to social, political, and economic change - Edmund Burke against the French Revolution of 1789 - 1800s: Conservatives react to industrialization, liberalism, and socialism
Conservatism: Tradition - Support for existing institutions and practices - Suspicion of radical change - Skepticism about political knowledge
Conservatism: Human Imperfection - We are imperfect and not changeable by social engineering - Psychologically dependent - Morally imperfect - Intellectually limited
Conservatism: Organic Society - Society is a living organism - Society is prior to, and more than, the individual - Do not tamper with the social fabric - Society as a sacred intergenerational covenant
Maistre’s Authoritarian Conservatism - Reaction against the French Revolution - “Throne and Altar”: Monarchy and Church - Against Enlightenment rationality - Authority as absolute, mysterious, and terrifying (Example: the executioner/hangman)
Conservatism: The Rhetoric of Reaction - Three types of objection to revolutionary change (Albert Hirschman) 1) Perversity 2) Futility 3) Jeopardy
Libertarian Conservatism - Reject traditional conservative emphasis on tradition, authority, and organic society - Defend private property rights and laissez-faire free market economy - Strong state to maintain public order
Conservatism: New Right - Combines two contrasting ideologies traditions: neoliberalism and neoconservatism - Liberal New Right: private, good; public, bad - Conservative New Right: social order, family values, military strength
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