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    Day 1 and 2: April 9th and 10th
    1) Lecture 142) Lecture 15

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    Day 3 and 4: April 11th and 12th
    1) Lecture 162) Lecture 17

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    Day 5 and 6: April 13th and 14th
    1) Lecture 182) Lecture 19

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    Day 7 and 8: April 15th and 16th
    1) Lecture 202) Lecture 21

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    Day 9 and 10: April 17th and 18th
    1) Lecture 222) Lecture 23

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    Day 11 and 12: April 19th and 20th
    1) Lecture 242) Lecture 25

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    Day 13 and 14: April 21st and 22nd
    1) All tutorials2) Review all topics (covered in lectures) once thoroughly -- Focus on topics you don't understand/remember 3) Review all topics (covered in tutorials) once briefly -- Focus on topics you don't understand/remember4) Review all topics (covered in lectures) once briefly
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