A-level French Vocabulary


This Flashcard deck shows some of the common french verbs and phrases you need to know for your A-level French exams. Test yourself now! Discover tips for learning languages for your A-levels here: https://www.examtime.com/guide/learning-languages-for-a-levels/
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A-level French Vocabulary
achever To finish
actuellement Currently
un amateur Enthusiast
un avertissement Warning
avoir besoin de To need
avoir de la chance To be lucky
avoir du mal à To have difficulty doing
avoir envie de To feel like doing
avoir peur To be scared/afraid
avoir raison To be right
avoir tort To be wrong
composter To stamp/punch
le gros lot The jackpot
licencier To dismiss
manquer To miss
neuf/neuve New
travailler To work
y compris Including
conseiller To advise
Envisager To envisage/view/consider
Se débrouiller To get by/manage/cope
Ranger To arrange/tidy/put away
voler To fly/steal
une ville importante City
venir de To have just done something
se tromper To make a mistake
se passer To happen
se plaindre To complain
se mefier de To be wary of/doubt
se laisser aller To let oneself go
se faire comprendre To make oneself understood
se disputer To argue
jouir de To enjoy
franchir To succeed
falloir To be necessary
pouvoir To be able
vouloir To want
prendre To take
devoir To must/have to
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