Regular and Irregular Verbs - Preterite Tense


A mix of regular and irregular Spanish verbs in the preterite tense.
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Hable I spoke
Hablaste You Spoke
Hablo He/She/It Spoke
Hablamos We Spoke
Hablasteis You (2+) Spoke
Hablaron They Spoke
Comi I ate
Comiste You ate
Comio He/She/It ate
Comimos We ate
Comisteis You (2+) ate
Comieron They ate
Vivi I lived
Viviste You lived
Vivio He/She/It lived
Vivimos We lived
Vivisteis You (2+) lived
Vivieron They lived
Di I gave
diste You gave
dio He/She/It gave
Dimos We gave
Disteis You (2+) gave
Dieron They gave
Dije I said
Dijiste You said
Dijo He/She/It said
Dijimos We said
Dijisteis You (2+) said
Dijeron They said
Estuve I was
Estuviste You were
Estuvo He/She/it was
Estuvimos We were
Estuvisteis You (2+) were
Estuvieron They were
Hube I had
Hubiste You had
Hubo He/She/It had
Hubimos We had
Hubisteis You (2+) had
Hubieron They had
Hice I made
Hiciste You made
Hizo He/She/It made
Hicimos We made
Hicisteis You (2+) made
Hicieron They made
Fui I went
Fuiste You are
Fue He/She/It is
Fuimos We are
Fuisteis You (2+) are
Fueron They are
Jugue I played
Jugaste You played
Jugo He/She/it played
Jugamos We played
Jugasteis You (2+) played
Jugaron They played
Pude I could
Pudiste You could
Pudo He/She/It could
Pudimos We could
Pudisteis You (2+) could
Pudieron They could
Puse I put
Pusiste You put
Pudo He/She/it put
Pusimos We put
Pusisteis You (2+) put
Pusieron They put
Quise I wanted
Quisiste You wanted
Quiso He/She/It wanted
Quisimos We wanted
Quisisteis You (2+) wanted
Quisieron They wanted
Supe I knew
Supiste You knew
Supo He/She/It knew
Supimos We knew
Supisteis You (2+) knew
Supieron They knew
Tuve I had
Tuviste You had
Tuvo He/She/It had
Tuvimos We had
Tuvisteis You (2+) had
Tuvieron They had
Vine I came
Viniste You came
Vino He/She/It came
Vinimos We came
Vinisteis You (2+) came
Vinieron They came
Vi I saw
Viste You saw
Vio He/She/It saw
Vimos We saw
Visteis You (2+) saw
Vieron They saw
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