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Family Hypercholesterolemia- Fault Faulty ApoB/E receptor gene
Family Hypercholesterolemia- Effect on Lipoproteins Inc LDLs and Remnant particles
Family Hypercholesterolemia- Effect on Systems Effects fuel transport and the overflow pathway
Family Hypercholesterolemia- Effect on body Inc risk of cardiovascular disease
Family Combined Hyperlipidemia- Fault Overproduction of ApoB100 & reduced LPL function
Family Combined Hyperlipidemia- Effect on Lipoproteins Inc VLDL & LDL production
Family Combined Hyperlipidemia- Effect on Systems Overloads fuel transport and overflow pathway
Family Combined Hyperlipidemia- Effect on Body Inc risk of heart problems
Family Dysbetalypoproteinemia- Fault Caused by ApoE mutation with low ApoE/B receptor affinity
Family Disbetalypoproteinemia- Effect on Lipoproteins Remnant particles accumulate
Family Disbetalypoproteinemia- Effect on body Risk of early coronary diseae
Type II Diabetes- Fault Effects fuel transport proteins
Type II Diabetes- Effect on Lipoproteins Inc. VLDL synthesis & inc Remnant particles, dec HDL cholesterol
Type II Diabetes- LDL Cholesterol Usually normal
Metabolic Disorder- Fault Glucose intolerance and low HDL levels
Metabolic Disorder- Effect on Body Abdominal obesity, hypertension & coronary disease
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