Persuasive Ethics


These are the terms and words to know when writing a persuasive piece of writing.
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Claim of Fact Posits (assumes as a fact) that something is true.
Claim of Value Purports (claims) something is good or bad.
Claim of Policy Proposes (suggests) a course of action. It is a solution to a problem.
Supporting Statements Can be used to substantiate (provide evidence) for a claim being made.
Testimony Using statements made by others to endorse (support) the perspective you are promoting.
Explanation Conveys (transfers) the who, what, where, when, why, an dhow of the position held.
Analogy A comparison that helps a listener understand an unknown idea by comparing it to a known idea.
Statistics Show numerical variance (relationships) between ideas. Accurate and concrete support.
Loaded Language Uses words with positive and negative connotations (idea of a feeling a word creates) to stir people's emotions.
Counter Arguments A brief argument that negates reservations (situations of inaccuracy) or objections to the claim that the "other side" is likely to raise.
Data The information that will be recognized as evidence. It is a total collection of information, although only a portion may be used.
Warrrent The connection between the data and the claim. This gives legitimacy to the claim.
Bandwagon Appeal Taps into people's desire to belong or be part of a group.
Plain Folks Implies that ordinary people are in "our side" or that a candidate is a regular person.
Emotional Appeal (Pathos) Appeal to pity, fear, or vanity. Use strong feelings rather than facts and evidence to persuade.
Appeal to Values (Pathos & Ethos) Taps into people's values or moral standards.
Parallel Structure Uses similar grammatical construction and order to express ideas that are related or equal in importance. Often creates a rhythm.
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