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This Flashcard deck is for those just starting to learn French. It has over 150 cards to get you started or help you brush up on the basics before an exam.
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to look at, watch regarder
test test
again, over again, even, still encore
to call, ring appeler
is it est-ce que
not much, not very, few, bit peu
man homme
to go, leave, go away partir
my ma
always, still toujours
day, daytime jour
woman, wife femme
weather, time, times temps
now, nowadays maintenant
our (singular) notre
life, lifetime, existence vie
to put, put on, wear mettre
to stay, remain rester
without sans
alone seul
to stop arrêter
really, truly vraiment
to know, experience connaître
some, a few, any quelque
on, over sûr
to kill tuer
to die, pass away mourir
to ask, ask for, be looking for demander
just, fair juste
perhaps, maybe peut-être
god dieu
time fois
father père
to understand comprendre
to go out, take out sortir
anyone, anybody, person, individual personne
year an
too much, too (excessively) trop
at, to, in chez
daughter, girl fille
world, people monde
friend, friendly ami
true, real, genuine vrai
trouble, difficulty, badly, wrongly mal
need, demand, necessity besoin
agreement, accord, harmony accord
his, her, its (plural) ses
before avant
gentleman, Mr monsieur
child, infant enfant
to hear, listen to, understand entendre
the le, la, l', les
to be être
to have avoir
of, from de
a, an, some un, une, des
I je
he, it / they il / ils
this ce
not pas
to, in à
and et
one, you, we on
you vous
this, that ça
that que
not ne
to do, make faire
who/ what qui
yes oui
then, so alors
but mais
she / they elle / elles
in , to en
it / them le, la, l' / les
to say, tell dire
there y
of , from the du / des
for pour
in dans
me, myself me
himself, herself, oneself se
to go aller
to, at, in the au / aux
well, good bien
this, that / these, those ce, cet, cette / ces
you tu
some en
like, as comme
to see voir
no non
to know savoir
we, us nous
next, then puis
my mon, ma, mes
me moi
every, all tout
very très
that, which, who que
can, to be able pouvoir
because parce que
with avec
him/her lui
his/her/its son, sa, ses
then, finally enfin
to be necessary falloir
by par
when quand
to want vouloir
small, short petit
if si
more plus
same, even, (one)self même
on sur
or ou
other autre
two deux
to come venir
to take prendre
all tout
to arrive, happen arriver
a lot beaucoup
to believe croire
hour, o'clock heure
nothing rien
day jour
to put mettre
to pass, spend passer
a little un peu
must, to have to devoir
too, also aussi
again encore
three trois
to talk, speak parler
still, forever toujours
to find trouver
what (exclamative) quoi
big, tall grand
to give donner
weather, time le temps
after après
time une fois
you te
thing une chose
year an
where, when
hundred cent
to understand comprendre
now maintenant
good bon
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