Nutrition Basics


Food groups and essential nutrients
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the study of nutrients and how the body uses them Nutrition
substances in food that your body needs to function properly throughout the day Nutrients
3 Benefits of Good Nutrition Stabilize energy, sharpen the mind, even out moods, increase concentration, lead to better academic performance, improve performance in sports/activities, decrease risk of illnesses
3 Consequences of Poor Nutrition obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, bone and joint problems, breathing problems, sleeping problems, depression, greater risk for heart disease, heart failure and stroke
experts in food and nutrition Dietitian
a person who advises people on how to choose foods that positively impact their health nutritionist
5 Food Groups grains, vegetables, fruits, milk/dairy, meats/protein
6 Essential Nutrients carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, water
Most important source of energy for the body Carbohydrates
2 types of carbohydrates complex and simple
Makes you feel full faster, helps with digestion and helps reduce cholesterol fiber
Major source of energy and aids your body in absorbing vitamins fats
good fat saturated fat
bad fat saturated fat
really bad fat trans fat
builds, repairs and maintains bones, muscles and skin protein
Substances that your body needs to grow and develop normally and that fight infection vitamins
helps with healthy skin and normal vision Vitamin A
helps with healthy teeth, gums, bones; helps heal wounds and fight infection Vitamin C
elements that help form healthy bones and teeth and regulate certain body processes Minerals
builds strong bones and teeth calcium
helps transport oxygen through the bloodstream iron
helps keep proper body fluid balance; helps the body transmit electrical signals through nerves sodium
Regulates body temperature and blood circulation water
healthiest type of carbohydrate whole grains
nutrients that should be limited in your diet fats, cholesterol, sodium
foods that can be easily measured using a clenched fist pasta, rice, cereal, vegetables, fruits
the first thing you should look at on a nutrition label serving size
measures the amount of energy in a food calorie
the percent daily value that indicates a nutrient is low source of that nutrient 5% or lower
the percent daily value that indicates a nutrient is high source of that nutrient 20% or higher
an "average" person's calorie needs 2000
The waxy substance that builds up inside your arteries cholesterol
If a person has diabetes he should be careful not to eat food too high in what nutrient? sugar
If a person has heart disease he should be careful not to eat food too high in what nutrient? fat or cholesterol
If a person has high cholesterol he should eat foods that are high in what nutrient? fiber
If a person has high blood pressure he should be careful not to eat food too high in what nutrient? sodium
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