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Marker Loci/Mendelian characteristic that can be traced through a pedigree
Role of a marker Act as a reference point in linkage studies
SNP Small Nucleotide Polymorphism- small code variations between individuals
Polymorphism Many alleles
More polymorphic = More useful, as individuals are more likely to be heterozygotes
If recombinants between an SNP & a gene are uncommon... The two are mapped close together
RFLP Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism
RFLP relies on... One allele having a Polymorphic Restriction Site
DNA probe Done to find Polymorphic Restriction Site
Restriction Enzyme Used to cut at Polymorphic Restriction Site to create multiple pieces
Detection of RFLP Run a Southern Blot or Gel Electrophoresis for genetic material
Homozygosity in RFLP 1 line on Southern Blot/Gel
SSLP/Microsatellites Single Sequence Length Polymorphism
Detecting Microsatellites/SSLP's PCR amplification using markers long around M.S
Microsatellite Primers Fluorescent, 1-4bp long
Using Gel Eletrophoresis Use PCR before cutting to ensure enough material
A is homozygous, B is heterozygous
SNP Single Nucleotide Polymorphism- areas that differ by a single base, even in highly conserved areas
Oligonucleotide Hybridisation Used for detecting SNP's- very specific
Detecting SNP's- Fluorescent Tag Released when oligonucleotide probe binds to the DNA
Detecting SNP's- Quencher Tag Prevents Fluorescent tag from Fluorescing unless hybrid has been formed
Detecting SNP's- Hybrids Once oligonucleotide has bound, base pairing determines whether binding is stable or unstable
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