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Aim To investigate the impact appearance has on obedience levels.
Procedure NY Street - Field Experiment 153 pedestrians Experimenters took turns as a guard, civilian and a milkman. asked to do jobs (pick up litter, stand on the other side of the bus stop and give a coin for the meter)
Findings 89% obeyed guard 57% obeyed milkman 33% obeyed civilian
Conclusions That obedience levels are affected by people's uniform/the authority that they have over you.
Limitations Lack of control over extraneous variables e.g. crowding, noise, weather. Poor sampling method - not representative - lacks external validiy. Personal circumstances unknown. Unethical - no consent/debriefing - embarrassment may have been caused. Cultural Bias - only one city in one country - can't be generalised. Gender Bias - only male experimenters.
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