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Sex Biological aspects of an individual.
Gender A persons idea of themselves as being either male or female.
Sex Identity Biological status of being male or female. E.g. females have XX chromosomes whereas males have the chromosomes XY.
Gender Identity A psychological status - whether a person is masculine or feminine. This can be identified in a child through their attitudes and behaviour.
XX Female sex chromosomes.
XY Male sex chromosomes.
Hormones Chemicals that effect development of the reproductive organs.
Oestrogen A female hormone produced by the ovaries.
Testosterone Male hormone released by the testes.
Phallic Stage Freud's third stage of psychosexual development, in which gender development takes place.
Oedipus Complex The conflict experienced by a boy in the phallic stage because he unconsciously desire his mother and fears his father.
Electra Complex The conflict experienced by a girl because she unconsciously desires her father and is afraid of losing her mothers love.
Gender Stereotypes Believing that all males are similar and that all females are similar.
Gender Schema Amental building block of knowledge that contains information about each gender. Some gender schemas are based on stereotypes.
Gender Role Behaviour seen as masculine or feminine by a particular culture.
Highly Gender Schematised Where gender is an important way of thinking about the world so information is organised according to what gender is appropriate and what gender is inappropriate.
Identification To adopt the attitudes and behaviour of the same-sex parent.
Modelling A role model provides an example for the child.
Imitation Copying the behaviour of a model.
Vicarious Reinforcement Learning from the model's being either rewarded or punished.
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