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Abasement humiliation; degradation
Abate reduce in amount or intensity
Abhor hate
Abjure renounce; forswear; give up
Abrasive coarse; harsh; rough
Abrogate cancel; deny; abolish
Absolution forgiveness; pardon; release
Abstain desist; go without; hold back
Abstemious self denying; moderate
Abstruse difficult to understand; obscure
Accolade award; honor; praise
Acquiesce to agree to; consent
Acrid sharp; bitter (smells and tastes)
Acrophobia fear of heights
Acuity sharpness (mental or visual)
Adamant forceful; unyielding
Adroit skillful; expert
Adulation strong admiration; worship
Adversity hardship
Advocate support; speak (or write) in favor of
Aesthetic concerning art or beauty
Affable friendly; easygoing
Alacrity readiness; willingness
Alchemy medieval chemistry; changing base metal into gold
Alibi an excuse; in law that one was elsewhere when a crime was committed
Allay to lessen; mitigate
Alleviate make less severe; mitigate
Aloof distant; detached; cold
Altruism unselfish concern for others
Amalgamate join; consolidate
Amass accumulate
Ambidextrous able to use both hands equally well
Ambiguity uncertainty; vagueness
Ambiguous unclear in meaning
Ambivalence uncertainty; indecision
Ambulatory capable of walking, not stationary
Ameliorate make better; improve
Amelioration improvement
Amiable friendly; pleasant
Amity friendship
Amorphous lacking definite form or shape
Anachronistic not correct in terms of history/chronology
Analgesic medicine to relieve pain
Analogous comparable; corresponding
Anarchy absence of government
Anecdote short interesting or amusing story
Annex (n) a building which is an addition to the main building
Annex (v) attach; seize; capture
Anodized coated with thin layer of protective film/metal
Anomaly deviation from a pattern; irregularity
Antagonism hostility; strong opposition
Antediluvian outdated; very old-fashioned (Before the Flood)
Anthology collection of poems or stories
Anthropocentrism assuming the universe revolves around humans
Antiquated outdated; old fashioned
Apathetic indifferent; uninterested; lethargic
Apathy lack of interest or emotion
Aphoristic expressed tersely
Apocryphal of doubtful origin or authorship
Appease pacify; calm down
Apprehensive worried; fearful
Arable capable of producing crops
Arbitrary random; for no definite reason
Arcane obscure; known only to a few people
Archaic ancient; outdated; old fashioned
Archetype original pattern or model; classic example
Archives collections of old records; place where such records are kept
Articulate spoken clearly; eloquent
Artifice cunning; trickery
Artisan craftsman
Ascetic without luxury; austere; person who lives such a life (n)
Assiduous thorough; diligent
Assuage to calm
Astute perceptive; sharp-witted
Asylum place of refuge or safety
Atheist person who does not believe in a supreme being/ god
Atrophy waste away from lack of use
Attenuate weaken; reduce in force
Augment increase; make bigger
Augury prediction, looking for omens
Auspicious favorable; promising success; propitious
Austere severely plain; somber
Avaricious greedy for money
Aversion dislike of
Baleful evil; menacing
Balk hinder; stop at an obstacle
Banal common; dull
Banality ordinariness; dullness
Bane troublesome influence; something that ruins
Bard poet
Bastion fortress; stronghold
Befuddle confuse
Begrudge resent; envy
Beguile mislead; lure; charm
Belabor explain more than is necessary
Beleaguer besiege; attack
Belie contradict; show to be false
Belittle to demean; disparage
Bellicose war-like; aggressive
Belligerent aggressive; ready to fight
Bemoan lament; complain about
Benign kindly; harmless
Bequeath leave property to someone in a will
Berate scold; criticize
Beret soft cap
Bestial beastlike; brutal
Bigot prejudiced person; someone intolerant of difference
Bilk cheat; defraud
Billowing swelling; waving
Blandishment words or actions used to coax or flatter
Blasphemy speech which offends religious sentiments
Blatant obvious
Blighted damaged; destroyed; ruined
Blithe free-spirited; carefree
Bolster support; prop up
Bombast arrogant, pompous language
Boor rude person
Boorish ill-mannered
Bourgeois middle class
Boycott refuse to deal with someone; abstain from buying
Braggart someone who boasts
Brawny muscular; strong
Brevity being brief; shortness
Bristle to show irritation
Broach mention a subject; approach
Brusque blunt; abrupt
Bulwark fortification; barricade; wall
Bureaucracy officialdom; administrative red tape and routine
Burgeon grow; flourish
Burnish polish; brighten
Buttress strengthen; support
Byline line of text with author's name
Cacophony dissonance; discordant sounds
Cajole coax
Caldron large kettle; cooking pot
Callow immature; inexperienced
Candid frank; honest
Candor frankness; openness
Canonical orthodox (canon=set of accepted works)
Cantankerous bad-tempered; quarrelsome
Capacious spacious; roomy
Capitulate surrender; give in to
Cardinal high ranking church official; important
Caret Punctuation mark that shows where something should be inserted (‸)
Caricature ridicule (v); ridiculing portrayal (n)
Carping constant criticism; finding fault
Cartographer person who makes maps
Castigate criticize severely
Catharsis relief of emotional tension
Caucus political group, meeting, or faction
Caustic burning; corrosive
Cavalcade procession of vehicles
Celerity speed; swiftness
Censorious disapproving; critical
Censure blame; reprimand
Cerebral relating to brain; intellectual
Certitude certainty
Charlatan person who claims knowledge he or she doesn't have; quack
Chary wary
Chastises punishes; disciplines; criticizes severely
Chicanery trickery
Chimerical imaginary; unrealistic
Choleric easily angered
Chronic long lasting; constant
Chronicler person who records historical information
Churlishness rudeness; ill-mannered behavior
Circuitous indirect; roundabout
Circumlocution indirect way of speaking; long-windedness
Circumscribe limit; encircle
Circumspect cautious; discreet; considering all sides
Circumvent avoid
Clairvoyant psychic; mystic
Clamor uproar; outcry
Clandestine secret; covert; stealthy
Clemency mercy
Cliché overused expression; something unoriginal
Clientele customers
Coalesce unite; come together
Coddle pamper; fuss over; indulge
Coerce force
Cogent well argued; to the point
Cogitate think over something; ponder
Colander container with perforated bottom for draining foods
Collage artwork made from fragments of other pictures
Collate arrange in order
Colloquial local and informal
Collusion plotting in secret
Commandeer take possession of
Commensurate corresponding in amount; proportionate
Complacent self-satisfied; pleased but unaware of dangers
Compliant easy to control; submissive
Concatenate link together; join in chain
Conciliate reconcile; end a dispute
Concise succinct; stated briefly but comprehensively
Condescend talk down to; assume equality with supposed inferior
Condone tacitly support; overlook
Condoning overlooking; disregarding; ignoring
Conflagration large destructive fire
Confound confuse; perplex
Congeal to solidify
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