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What is asexual reproduction? It is the formation of an offspring from only one parent.
Give an example of asexual reproduction in a plant strawberry plants produce stems called runners which grow from the base of the parent plant. The runner forms new roots and a new shoot so new strawberry plants are produced from one parent plant.
What is sexual reproduction? Involves two sex cells (gametes) joining together.
What is pollination? The transfer of pollen from a stamen to a carpel
Function of the sepals protects the flower when its a bud
Functions of petals protect the reproductive parts and attract insects
Function of carpel Carpels produce egg cells which contain the female gametes
Function of stamens Stamens produce pollen grains which contain the male gametes
what does a carpel consist of - A stigma for pollen grains to land on - A style which connects the stigma to the ovary - An ovary which contains 1 or more ovules
What does a stamen consist of - A filament which supports the anther - An anther which produces pollen
What does sexual reproduction in plants involve -pollination -fertilisation -seed and fruit formation -seed and fruit dispersal -germination
What is pollination the transfer of pollen from a stamen to a carpel
What are the 2 methods of pollination wind pollination insect pollination
what is fertilisation the joining of the male and female gametes to form a zygote
What does the pollen tube allow it allows the male gamete to pass down the female gamete in the carpel
what does a seed consist of and what are the functions -plumule:forms the shoot of the adult plant -radicle:forms the roots of the adult plant -a food supply around the embryo -Testa:a coat aroud the seed
What is seed and fruit formation After fertilisation the fertilised ovule becomes the seed At the same time the petals sepals and stamens fall off the flower The ovary swells to become the fruit
What is seed and fruit dispersal? it is the carrying of seeds or fruit as far as possible from the parent plant
What are the 4 main methods of dispersal wind animal self water
What is Germination the growth of a seed to form a new plant
What are the conditions necessary for germinaion water oxygen warmth (WOW)
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