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THE CRUST Outer part of the earth, up to 60 km under the continents but only 10 km deep under the ocean
THE MANTLE Layer of hot, soft rock called magma between the crust and the core
THE CORE Inner layer of the earth, made of nickel and iron, 5,000nCº. This heat causes the magma in the mantle to move upwards
DESTRUCTIVE BOUNDARIE When two plates collide, destroying land. Eg. American and Nazca plates
CONSTRUCTIVE BOUNDARIE When two plates move away from eachother, constructing land. Eg,African and American plates
PANGAEA Large landmass that existed at the beginning, gradually it started pulling apart due to continental drift
MID-OCEAN RIDGE Where plates separate, molten magma rises from the mantle and fills the gap, it colds and solidifies forming a new ocean floor
VENT A hole in the crust through which the magma erupts in a volcano
MAGMA RESERVOIR Chamber inside the crust where magma is stored before a volcanic eruption
CRATER Hole at the top of the volcano from where lava, ash, steam, rocks and boiling mud are fired into the atmosphere during an eruption
LAVA Name given to magma when it reaches the surface
THE PACIFIC RING OF FIRE A zone of heavy volcanic activity that encircles the Pacific ocean
ACTIVE VOLCANO A state on the volcano's life where it's still erupting at regular intervals Eg, Mount Etna, Mount Vesuvius
DORMANT VOLCANO A state in a volcano's life where it has been quiet for hundreds of years but may erupt again Eg, Mount St. Helens
EXTINCT VOLCANO A state in a volcano's life where it has not erupted in recorded history Eg, Slemish mountain in Co. Antrim
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