Vocabulary to present a class about pollution with high school students in Mexico
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smoke (n) a cloudy gray or black mixture of air and very small pieces of carbon produced by something that is burning
chemical (n) any basic substance that is used in or produced by a reaction involving changes to atoms or molecules
pesticides (n) a chemical substance used to kill harmful insects, small animals, wild plants, and other unwanted organisms
environment (n) the air, water, and land in or on which people, animals, and plants live
green house gases (n) One of several gases, especially carbon dioxide, that prevent heat from the earth escaping into space, causing the greenhouse effect
harmful (adj) (adjective) physical or other injury or damage
waste (n) unwanted matter or material of any type, esp. what is left after use:
leaking (of a liquid or gas) to escape from a hole or crack in a pipe or container, or (of a container) to allow liquid or gas to escape
oil spills an accident in which oil has come out of a ship and caused pollution
smokestacks a tall, vertical pipe through which smoke or steam leaves a building or engine
sonar a device on a ship that uses sound to show the position of objects under the water
agreement the condition of having the same opinion, or a decision or arrangement between two or more people or groups to do something or to obey the same rules
disease a condition of a person, animal, or plant in which its body or structure is harmed because an organ or part is unable to work as it usually does; an illness
acidic containing or having the chemical characteristics of an acid
immunity protection against a particular disease or illness by particular substances in the blood
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