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300 idiomatic expressions to learn for de TOEFL test
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about to almost ready to
above all most importantly
add up make sense; be logical
all at once suddenly; without warning
all of a sudden all at once; suddenly
as a matter of fact in reality; actually
as a rule generally; customarily
at ease not nervous; calm
as the drop of a hat quickly; without any preparation time
back out (of) withdraw an offer
bank on depend on; count on
be my guest do what you want; feel free; help yourself
be rusty need practice or review
beats me I don't know; I have no idea (often used in response to a question)
better off in an improved condition.
bite off more than one can chew take on more responsibility than one can handle
bound to certain to; sure to
Break down stop functioning (a machine, for example)
break in (on) interrupt
break the ice break through social barriers (as at a party)
break the news (to) inform; give bad news
break up end (a meeting, for example)
break up (with) stop being a couple (a boyfriend and girlfriend, for example)
a breeze something very simple and easy to do
bring about cause to hapen
bring up (1) raise (a child) (2) introduce (a topicm for example)
brush up on review; study; practice
bump into meet unexpectedly; run into
by and large mostly; generally; on the whole
by heart by memory; learned word for word
by no means in no way; not at all
call it a day stop working for the day; go home
call off cancel
call on visit
calm down relax
care for (1) take care of (2) like; feel affection for
catch on become popular
catch on (to) understand; learn
catch up (with) go as fast as; catch
check in (or into) register (at a hotel)
check out (of) (1) leave (a hotel) (2) take material (from a library, for example)
cheer up become cheerful; be happy
chip in (on/for) contribute
clear up (1) clarify; make understandable (2) become nice and sunny (used to talk about the weather)
come across find; meet; encounter
come around (to) begin to change one's opinion; begin to agree with
come down with become sick with (illness)
come up with think of (an idea)
cost an arm and a leg be very expensive
count on depend on; rely on; bank on
count out eliminate; no longer consider as a factor
cut off stop; descontinue (a service, for example)
cut out for have an aptitude for; be qualified for
day in and day out constantly; for a long time
die down become less severe; quiet down
do over do again; repeat
do without not have
down the drain wasted; done for no reason (work, for example)
dream up invent; think of; come up with
drop (someone) a line send someone a letter
drop in (on) visit informally
drop off (1) leave something (a package, for example) (2) take (someone) home; let someone out of a car
drop out (of) stop attending (classes, for example)
easy as pie very simple; a piece of cake
eyes bigger than one's stomach said of someone who takes more food than he or she can eat
fall behind not move as quickly as; lag behind
fall through fail to happen
a far cry from not similar to; not as good as
fed up (with) not able to tolerate; disgusted with; annoyed by feel
fell free do something if one wants
feel like be inclined to; want to
feel like a million dollars feel very good
feel up to feel able to do something; ready to
few and far between uncommon and infrequent
figure out understand; solve
fill in write in a hlank (on an application form, for example)
fill in (for) substitute for
fill on in provide missing information
fill out complete (an application form, for example)
find out learn; discover
a fish out of water someone not in his or her normal surroundings
fix up repair; renovate
follow in one's footsteps do what someone else did (especially a parent)
for good permanently; forever
for the time being temporarily; for now
from out of the blue unexpectedly; without warning
get a kick out of (doing something) enjoy; have fun doing something
get along with have good relations with
get carried away go too far; do too much; buy too much
get in one's blood become a habit; become customary
get in over one's head take on too much responsibility; bite off more than one can chew
get in the way block; obstruct
get in touch with contact
get off leave (a vehicle)
get off the ground start to be successful
get on board (vehicle)
get over recover from (a disease)
get rid of discard; no longer have
get under way begin; start
give (someone) a cold shoulder act unfriendly toward someone; ignore
give away distribute (for free)
get the hang of something learn how to do something
give a hand applaud; clap
give a hand (with) assist
go easy on not punish severely
go on (with) continue
go overboard do too much; buy too much
go with (1) accompany (2) look good together; complement (for example, two articles of clothing)
go without saying be clear; be obvious
grow up to mature; to become an adult
hand in give back to; return
hand out distribute
hang on wait
hard to come by difficult to find
have a heart be compassionate; show mercy
have a hunch have an intuitive feeling
have a word with (someone) talk to someone briefly
have on wear
have one's hands full be very busy; have a challenging job
have the time of one's life have fun; have a great time
hear fIrsthand (from) get information directly from someone
hear from be contacted by; be in touch with
hear of know about; be familiar with
hit it off become friendly (especially at a first meeting)
hit the road leave; go away
hold on wait
hold on (to) grasp
hold still not move
hold up delay
in a nutshell in summary; in brief
in favor of in agreement with; supporting
in hot water in trouble
in no time very soon; very quickly
in person face to face (not by telephone, letter, etc.)
in store in the future; coming up
in the dark not knowing; confused
in the long run over a long period of time
in the same boat in the same situation; having the same problem
iron out solve (a problem)
join the club have the same problem as other people
jump to conclusions form opinions without sufficient evidence
keep an eye on watch; take care of; look after
keep an eye out (for) look for
keep on (with) continue
keep track of know where something or someone is
keep up (with) maintain the same speed as
kill time spend time doing unimportant things (before an appointment, for example)
know like the back of one's hand be very familiar with
lay off put out of work
learn the ropes become familiar with; get used to; get the hang of
leave out not include; omit
leave someone/something alone not disturb
let someone down disappoint
let up decline in intensity (rain for example)
look after take care of; mind
look for try to locate
look forward to antecipate (with pleasure)
look into investigate
look like resemble
look out (for) be careful
look over examine; read
look up (1) find information (especially in a reference book) (2) try to locate someone
look up to respect; admire
make a fool of oneself act embarrassingly
make a point of make a special effort
make ends meet balance a budget
make sense (of) be logical and clear; understand
make up invent; create
make up one's mind decide
make way for allow space for; provide a path for
mean to intend to
mixed up confused
music to one's ears something that sounds pleasant
a nervous wreck someone who is very nervous
next to nothing very little (money, for example); cheap
no doubt about it certainly; definitely
no harm done there was no damage done
not at all not in any way; not to any degree
not believe one's ears (or eyes) be unable to believe what one hears (or sees)
not think much of not like; not have a good opinion of
odds and ends small; miscellaneous items
an old hand (at) an experienced person
on edge nervous
on end consecutively; without a break (days on end, for example)
on hand easily available
on needles and pins nervous; ansious
on one's own independent
on second thought after reconsidering
on the go always busy; always moving
on the tip of one's tongue almost able to remember
on the whole in general
out of (something) not having something
out of one's mind insane; illogical; irrational
out of order broken; not functioning properly
out of the question definitely not; impossible
over and over again and again; repeatedly
over one's head not understandable (a joke, for example); obscure
part with no longer have; et rid of; not be in the company of
pass up not accept; not choose
pass with flying colors do very well (on a test)
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