Crime and Punishment GCSE (history)


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What came First? Roman Britain!! The Romans reigned from 43AD to 410AD
What came after the Romans? The Anglo-Saxons! When the Romans left Britain in the beginning of the fifth century, the Anglo-Saxons took over.
Who came after the Anglo-Saxons? The Normans! After King Harold (the last Anglo-Saxon king) was killed in the battle of Hastings (1066) William the conquerer became the new king, bringing Anglo-Saxon times to an end.
What came after the Normans? The Middle ages a.k.a Medieval times! The Normans reign ended 1154, although the Middle ages started 500AD and came to an end in the 1500's.
Who were the Tudors? A welsh-British family that ruled England and Wales.
When was Tudor Britain? 1485-1603! They ruled for 118 years and had 2 of the strongest monarchs ever to sit on an English Throne (Henry VIII & Elizabeth I).
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