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These are the key words for OCR Health and Social Care, GCSE.
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Growth An increase in physical size ( mass and weight)
Development (PIES) Process of the gain and complexity of new skills, abilities and emotions.
Centile Charts Used to compare a child's pattern of growth to the average growth rates of children of the same age.
Physical Things to do with the body.
Intellectual Things to do with the mind.
Emotional Things affecting your feelings.
Social Things affecting your human interaction.
Milestones What most children can do at a particular age.
Infancy 0-3 years old.
Childhood. 4-10 years old.
Adolescence 11-18 years old.
Adulthood 19-64 years old.
Later Adulthood 65+ years old.
Economics To do with money
Environmental Where someone lives or their housing conditions.
Self-Concept Self esteem (how you feel about yourself) + Self image (how you see yourself)
Poverty Lack of resources sufficient to maintain a healthy existence or an acceptable standard of living.
Material Possesions Objects/things that people own.
Culture Related to our system of beliefs, practices, dress, language and religious beliefs.
Gender The psychological and social development of male and female roles in society.
Genetic Inheritance Characteristics or diseases are passed from parent to child in genes or DNA, can be eye colour, hair colour or down syndrome and cystic fibrosis.
Abuse Treating someone badly either physically or emotionally.
Gross Motor Skills Single limb movement e.g. throwing, catching.
Fine Motor Skills Precise use of hands and fingers e.g. drawing, doing up buttons.
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