The Digestive system


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What is the formula for Glucose? Glucose is a hexose, a 6 carbon molecule
Glucose + Glucose = ? Maltose
Glucose + Fructose = ? Sucrose
Glucose + Galactose = ? Lactose
Chemical formula for Maltose C12H22011
What kind of bonds are made between monosaccharides during a condensation reaction? Glycosidic
Definition of Digestion: Large molecules are hydrolysed by enzymes into small molecules which can be absorbed and assimilated
Definition of Hydrolysis: the breaking of glycosidic bonds by the addition of water
What is the substrate of Amylase and what is the product? Starch Maltose
What is the substrate of Maltase and what is the product? Maltose Glucose
What is the substrate of Sucrase and what is the product? Sucrose Glucose & Fructose
What is the substrate of Lactase and what is the product? Lactose Glucose & Galactose
What is the final product of starch digestion? Maltose
What element is present in proteins only and not present in carbohydrates? Nitrogen
Functions of Trigclyerides: long term energy stores insulation waterproofing protection
If fatty acids have single bonds the fatty acids are... saturated
If fatty acids have double bonds then the fatty acid is... unsaturated
Fats and oils are made by joining .. one glycerol to three fatty acids
Phospholipids consist of glycerol, 2 fatty acids and a phosphate group
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