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What is a variable? When we store data memory, we give the location a unique name, an identifier. These are called variables in our program.
What type of data is an Integer? What type of data is a real/float? A whole number 3, 45, -453 A number with a fractional part, such as 34.245
What is a string? Zero or more characters. A string can be null (empty), just one character or several characters.
What is assignment? Putting an actual value into a variable
What is sequence? A matter of writing the steps down in the order they need to happen.
What does the 'FOR' loop do? Allows you to execute a group of steps one or more times, for a specific number of times.
What is a 'REPEAT' loop controlled by? A condition at the end of the loop.
What is a 'WHILE' loop controlled by? A condition at the start of the loop.
What is a condition? A Boolean expression that will be true or false at a particular point in the program. Conditions are used to control iteration and selection statements.
Flowcharts: What is a terminator? What shape is it? It shows where the algorithm starts and finishes.
Flowcharts: What is an input box? What shape is it? Shows an input to the system.
Flowcharts: What is a decision box? What shape is it? Always asks a question and has different routes out depending on the answer.
Flowcharts: What is a process? What shape is it? Something that happens, always includes a VERB!
Flowcharts: What is storage? What shape is it? Could be a file or a database.
Flowcharts: What shape is a printed output?
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