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Photographs of fruit on front of card with English words on back of card
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Question Answer
raspberry raspberries
blackberry blackberries
blueberry blueberries
orange oranges
fig figs
gooseberry goooseberries
grapefruit grapefruits
lemon lemons
lime limes
strawberry strawberries
tomato tomatoes
apple apples
banana bananas
clementine clementines
cranberry cranberries
mango mangoes
grape grapes
pomegranate pomegrantates
pineapple pinapples
black currant black currants
chestnut chestnuts
cherry cherries
mushroom mushrooms
prune prunes
pear pears
peach peaches
nectarine nectarines
apricot apricots
plum plums
cantaloupe cantaloupes
watermelon watermelons
avocado avocados
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