An Inspector Calls


The meanings and messages behind An Inspector Calls
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In the whole play, which two characters represent hope, change and a bright future? Sheila and Eric
Which Character is suggested to have the strongest feelings towards Eva Smith? Gerald
What does the change in dominance from Mr Birling to the Inspector represent? The Inspector represents socialism. Mr Birling represents the traditional, capitalist views. Priestly wants to show that the country should break the social hierarchy.
What is significant about Eva Smith's name in terms of what she represents? 'Smith' is a very common name and 'Eva' comes from the name 'Eve'- like Eve from the Bible. This means Eva represents all the lower class women of that time period. She is an 'Every-woman'.
Who says the line 'I hate these fat old tarts round the town' ? Eric
Who says 'Look for the father of the child. It's his responsibility' ? Mrs Birling/ Sybil
Who says 'You're beginning to pretend all over again' Sheila
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