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Sales Revenue Average Selling Price x Quantity
Total Variable Costs Variable Cost (per unit) x Quantity
Fixed Costs *Don't Change* Add them up
Total Costs Fixed Costs + Variable Costs
Breakeven (units) Fixed Costs ______________ Contribution (unit)
Contribution Selling Price - Variable Costs (Units)
Total Contribution Contribution (per unit) x Quantity Sales Revenue - Total Variable Costs
Profit Total Contribution - Fixed Costs Sales Revenue - Total Costs
Net Cash Flow Total Inflows - Total Outflows
Closing Bank Balance Opening Bank Balance +/- Cash Flow
Market Volume Units
Market Value £
Market Growth %
Market Growth - % Difference __________ x 100 Original
Market Share %
Market Share - % Sales of Product/Brand/Business _________________________ x 100 Total Sales in the Market
Price 'The amount paid by a consumer to purchase 1 unit of a product.
Volume of sales of a product or Value of sales of a product £ ______ x 100 Total £ ____________________________ Number Sold ____________ x 100 Total Market
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