Histoire du Canada Unit 1


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Which war did Canada fight in between 1899 and 1902? Boer War- La Guerre des Boers
Who came to live in Canada? Immigrants
How did Clifford Sifton attract immigrants to come and live in Canada? Advertisements, Les Publicite
Who did the Canadian advertisements target? White, strong europeans who knew about farming
How were the experiences of the immigrants when they arrived in Canada? Life was very different and lots were not treated well.
How was Laurier described? Optimistic.
What is the definition of the term 'urbanisation' ? The farm workers moved towards the more modern and urban towns.
What was the biggest form of media during the early 20th century in Canada? Newspaper, le Journaux
What was the name of the politiy of immigration in the beginning of the 20th century? The Open Door Policy, La Politique de Porte Ouvert
What were some factors of attraction to Canada? Freedom, peace, cheap land, opportunity, comfortable homes, religious freedom Paix, les emplois, terre disponible, la liberte, les opportunite, les abris comfortable, la liberte religieux
What were factory working conditions like during the early 20th century? There were no rules about working conditions, no safety equipment, often children who worked there were injured
Where did Canada look for immigrants to colonize the prairies? The United States, Great Britain, Europe
What are some examples of terms of repulsion? La violence et la guerre, une manque d'emploi, la manque de terre, la liberte limiter, les villes trop peuplée, les abris en mauvais condition, la persecution religieux
Which term best represents GB's desire to control South Africa and the citizens of Boers? Imperialisme
What was Canada's reaction when Laurier said Canadians would be participating in the Boer War? Both francophones and anglophones were upset- the english thought we weren't helping enough, and then french thought we were doing too much.
Which citizens of Canada weren't allowed to vote before 1917? Idiots, Asians, Criminals and Women
Which sector of the economy is represented by the foresting industry? Primare
Which sector of the economy is represented by a Barber Shop? Services?
Who were the women who fought for their rights to vote? Suffragettes
Why did most of the population live in cities and urban centers in the early 20th century? To work in factories
What was the situation of women in the early 20th century? They were considered property of their husbands.
What was the objective of groups of women in the early 20th century? Social reform and Suffrage in Canada
Why didn't GB give Canada the Alaskan frontier? They gave it to America to gain them as an ally.
What was the difference between the english and the french in relation to GB? (think nationalism) The english relied on GB while the french thought they should rely on them less.
How were the rights of the french eroded in Manitoba? French was no longer considered an official language.
What term describes the commercial agreement between Canada and the United States to permit a greater amount of merchandise to go over the frontiers without rates? La Réciprocité, Reciprocity
Who won the federal election in 1911? Wilfred Laurier
Which party gained the most seats in parliament in 1911? The Liberal Party
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