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Define biodiversity the variety of genes, species and ecosystems in an area
define biosphere the thin veneer of living material on the planet's surface
define biome a global scale ecosystem e.g tropical rainforest
define biomass the total weight of living matter per unit area
What is a biodiversity hotspot? Give examples. Areas with > high species richness > high levels of endemism > often facing severe human threats e.g. Indo-Burma hotspot & Philippines hotspot
Why are island habitats often ideal for biodiversity? E.g Micronesia > Lack of factors to limit growth (plenty of light, warmth and rain) > Decay and nutrient cycling is rapid > Isolation limits human influence > large areas to support large species numbers > Evolution 'goes its own way' > Altitude means that one island can provide habitats for different species
Describe the Indo-Burma hotspot > covers more than 2million km2 of tropical Asia > 6 large species discoveries in the last 12 years > High numbers of endemic freshwater turtle species > almost 1300 different bird species
Describe the Philippines hotspot > more than 7100 islands make up the Philippines hotspot > One of the world's most biologically diverse areas > many endemic species > 6000 plant and bird species
What are the 3 main factors that influence biodiversity? 1. The climate (precipitation, light intensity, wind etc.) 2. Endemism (species that are unique to a certain area e.g. 90% of Hawaii's plant species are not found anywhere else) 3. Human activity (threat to biodiversity)
how can human activity impact biodiversity? Human activity changes ecosystems structures, fragmenting them and altering land use by... > loss and degradation of habitats > over-exploitation > introduction if invasive species > pollution > climate change
What are the 4 ecosystem services? 1. Supporting (nutrient cycling, soil formation, primary production) 2. Provisioning (food, fresh water, wood/fibre, fuel) 3. Regulating (climate, food, disease, water purification) 4. Cultural (aesthetic, spiritual, educational, recreational)
What are the 5 constituents of well-being? 1. Security 2. Basic material for good life 3. Health 4. Good social relations 5. Freedom of choice and action
What is the value of coral reefs? 1. Biodiversity (25% of marine fish) 2. shoreline protection 3. Food 4. Medicine 5. The aquarium trade 6. Decorative objects (regulated by law) 7. Building materials 8. Education and research 9. Tourism
What are the social, economic and environmental of rabbits in Australia? Social: displacement of farmers and their families, spread of Myxomatosis can affect pets Economic: abandoned farms = loss of income Environmental = change to the landscape
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