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These flashcards contain some of the more memorable and pertinent quotations from Shelagh Delaney's dialogue in A Taste of Honey
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Helen: Children owe their parents these little attentions. Jo: I don't owe you a thing. Helen and Jo Act 1 Scene 1
Helen: She can't do a thing for herself, that girl. Mind you don't gas yourself. Helen to Jo Act 1 scene 1
Helen: You're not very fond of work, are you? Jo: No, I take after you. Helen and Jo Act 1 Scene 1
Helen: You're wasting yourself. Jo: So long as I don't waste anybody else. Helen and Jo Act 1 Scene 1
Helen: I'm a free lance. Besides, I'm thinking of giving it up. Helen on prostitution Act 1 Scene 1
Jo: ...whatever else she may be, she isn't prejudiced against colour. Jo, about Helen, to Boy Act 1 Scene 2
Boy: Women never have young minds. they are born three thousand years old. Boy, to Jo. Act 1 Scene 2
Helen: I'd put you on films. Jo: I'd sooner be on't streets. It's more honest. Helen and Jo Act 1 Scene 2
Jo: Hello, Daddy. Jo to Peter Act 1 Scene 2
Jo: I’m not planning big plans for this baby, or dreaming big dreams. Jo to Geof Act 2 Scene 1
Jo: Why don't you leave me alone? Jo to Geof Act 2 Scene 1
Helen: bearing a child doesn't place one under an obligation to it. Helen to Jo Act 2 Scene 1
Peter: His name was Oedipus, he was a Greek I think. Well, the old bag turned out to be his mother Peter explains the story of Oedipus Act 2 Scene 1
Jo: You know I used to try and hold my mother's hands, but she always used to pull them away from me. Jo to Geof Act 2 Scene 2
Jo: I feel as though I could take care of the whole world. I even feel as though I could take care of you, too! Jo to Helen Act 2 Scene 2
Jo: mind you don't gas yourself. Jo to Helen Act 2 Scene 2
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