Psychosocial and Culturally Competent Care


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What is holistic nursing? Healing the whole person as a goal
What is critical care nursing? nursing care of critically ill patients who have a manifest of potential disturbances of vital organ functions
Critical care nursing requires: advanced assessment skills ability to understand and use medical technology in depth knowledge equally important roles
Patients perception of critical illness pertain to attitudes that shape persons beliefs
Critical care patients are admitted due to potentially ill or already ill risk of serious complications may require intensive and complicated nursing support
Threat of helplessness/loss of control loss of function and self -esteem failure of former defences sense of isolation fear of dying
Patient relatives - value honesty, understand explations, know specific facts
Types of care in critical care psychosocial care culturally competent care critical care nursing variety of stressors
What is psychosocial care? emotional and social support to protect patient interventions for holistic approach culturally sensitive provisions
What is culturally competent care? 1. knowledge 2. attitude 3. decision making skills 4. critical thinking 5. judgements 6. morals
Stressors of critical illness and srugery lack of natural light, disruption of sleep patterns, lack of contact with family, onset of delirium
Cultural sensitivity all aspects of human experience and backgrounds include usual response to illness and norms, beliefs, world views explores meaning of critical event
Cultural considerations: death and dying awareness of own attitudes, values and beliefs ask clear and concise questions, use effective interpersonal skills
Care at end of life withdrawing and withholding specific therapies, optimise care of patients
Cultural considerations - paediatrics family factors, health beliefs of parents, family-centred care
ICU psychosis disorder in which patients in ICU experience serious psychiatric symptoms become delirious
What causes ICU psychosis sensory deprivation - lack of natural light, family sleep disturbances and deprivation - noise, give meds continious light levels - no reference to day or night stress - loss of control lack of orientation - loss of time and date medical monitoring - continuous of vital sings, can create sensory overload
Medical causes of ICU psychosis pain critical illness medication reaction or side effects infection metabolic disturbances heart failure cumulative analgesia dehydration
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