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What must a new drug be tested for before being used? -Effective-Safe-Stable-
Why do new drugs need to be tested? To check whether they are harmful to humans, have any dangerous side effects and to see if they work in the first place
Thalidomide was developed as a sleeping pill, but what was it found to prevent? Morning sickness, it had not been properly tested and caused birth defects
What are statins? A group of drugs that lower cholesterol levels in your blood, they stop your liver from making too much cholesterol
How much can statins help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease? By up to 40%
What is a double-blind trial? Where a group of patients with a particular disease are given either a placebo (a fake drug that doesn't do anything, or an old version of the new one) or the real drug, this helps highlight whether or not the new drug works. Neither the patients or doctors know who has received the placebo until after the trial is over, the patients health is monitored carefully
What is a drug? A drug is a substance which alters the way your body works, it can affect your mind, body or both
What is an addiction? Some drugs change the chemical processes in your body so that you become dependent on them. Some drugs like heroin and cocaine are extremely addictive
What are withdrawal symptoms? Aches, pains, shaking, sweating, headaches and cravings for the drug due to lack of use of the drug
Why do some illegal drugs cause problems? Some drugs can cause severe damage to the brain, causing mental illness. Some drugs injected using needles can lead to HIV/Aids
What is the most used drug in the world? Caffeine, it is found in tea, coffee and cola
What part of your body do drugs affect the most? The brian
Is cannabis harmful? Cannabis smoke contains chemicals known to trigger mental illness, teenagers are particularly vulnerable to these effects
What are anabolic steroids? Drugs that help you build muscle mass, athletes use them if they need to be very strong. They are banned performance-enhancing drugs
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