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Name all 9 ONLINE SERVICES Communication Real time Information Commerce Goverment Education VLE Business Entertaiment Download Services
Give a type of each ONLINE SERVICE Communication Real time Information Commerce Goverment Education VLE Business Entertaiment Download Services Instant Message Online Timetables in Airports Safer online than reall money Application forms for driving Online Learning FROG Conferenece calls Multiplayer gaming Music download like iTunes
Describe PPC and Define it... Pay per click It is clicking a link that takes to to the advertisers site, the host get a percentage ofthe profit
Name a website that uses the AFFILIATE Model AND What is an AFFILIATE model? Either... GOOGLEads YAHOOads MICROSOFTads A host website that hosts PPC banner or pop up
What is ONLINE DATA STORAGE? A form of stroring files on the Cloud, they are not a a single computer they are all online
Give a example of ONLINE DATA STORAGE iCloud SkyDrive DropBox
Define what a ZIP folder does... Compresses a file to be smaller when it is sent and then opens back up when the file is opened back up...
What is an advantage of a ZIP folder? Reduces storage space
Give ONE example of ONLINE SOFTWARE GoogleDOCS Office365
What are the three methods of power in an online document? READ ONLY ( LOCKED ) - Read FULL ACCESS - Delete, Save and Edit READ AND WRITE - Edit
Define NETIQUETTE A certain positive behaviour manor online
What is WORLD OF WARCRAFT MINECRAFT examples of ? Virtual Worlds
Give the several tools on CONTEMPORARY ONLINE SOCIAL MEDIA Web Blogs Micro Blogs Wikis Chatroom
Give an example of Web Blogging... AND What is Web Blogging Blogger Infinite characters
Give an example of Micro Blogging site... AND What is Micro Blogging Twitter Only have a certain number of characters
Give an example of Wikis... AND What is Wikis Wikipedia An online information database where information is stored, like a online library
Give an example of Chatroom... AND What is a Chatroom Omegle Either VOIP or instant message online
What does VOIP stand for? Voice over Internet Protocol
What are the negatives of VOIP? Reliability Voice Quaility Security
Give one example of VOIP Skype
What does VLE stand for? Virtual Learning Environment
What does RFID Stand for? Radio Frequency Identification
Define what RFID is... it is when a product is "chipped" and can be tracked from a computer.
Define the "SMART" element is in RFID... it is when the "chipped" item can work itself and can order things from a provider
What do these stand for... PoP NAP IP TCP FTP ISP Point of Presence Network Access Point Internet Protocol Transmission Control Protocol File Transfer Protocol Internet Service Provider
What are the 3 methods of connecting to the internet? Wireless Broadband Dial-up
Name the 4 infrastructure terms Server + Client + Connecting Backbone + Router
What Language are most websites written in? AND Give an example of another... HTML JAVAScript
What does HTML stand for? Hyper Text Markup Language
What is a client? A computer which the packets of data is sent to
What is the connecting backbone? a set of wires that connect servers, router and clients to one and other in the entire world
Why do we have IP address'? AND What does IP stand for To the servers and router knows where to send data to (address) Internet Protocol
What is Ubiquous Computing Chips embeddedin every day objkect like cars fridges etc
What do these stand for... HTTP HTTPS Hyper Text Tranfer Protocoll Hyper Text Tranfer Protocoll Secure
What does HTTPS do ? It makes the site secure, only can be accessed by a personal password
Whats do these stand for... CC BCC Carbon Copy Blind Carbon Copy
What does SMTP stand for? Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
What does POP3 stand for? Post Office Protocol 3
What does IMAP stand for? Internet Message Access Protocol
What does SMTP mean? The internet standard used for sending E-Mails accross IP adress'
What does POP3 mean? Used to receive E-Mails from a internet server over an IP connection. E-Mail deletes and keeps itself on one computer
What does IMAP mean? is available on every computer its logged in on
What does a CODEC do ? Changes voice signals into digital signals and change them back
What is SIMPLEX TRANSMISSION Data is sent in one direction only
What is HALF-DUPLEX TRANSMISSION Two way transmissions, devices don't transmit at the same time
What is FULL DUPLEX TRANSMISSION Allows two way communication at the same time. Allows multicall converstations
What are the three methods of TRANSMISSION? Parallel Serial USB
What is Parallel transmission Connecting old printers and computers 8 bits = 1 byte 5 metre wire
What is Serial transmission Bits sent down one single wire Slower than parallel Used over lrage distances
What does USB stand for Universal Serial Bus
What is USB transmission a modern and faster way of transmission of data Can charge things like phones, iPads, cameras
What is a DATABASE? A system managing a set of data
What are the 4 Data Types? Text Number Date/Time Logical ( YES / NO )
What is an ONLINE DATABASE? A database that is accesible through a network ( The Cloud )
Name a Program that is a database? Microsoft EXCEL
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