International Literacy Day Classroom Activities


Take a quick look at this Flashcard Deck for some ideas for your classroom on International Literacy Day, 8th September 2014.
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International Literacy Day 2014
Pledge your participation to celebrate the power of literacy Pledge to commit to 60 seconds of literacy activities for 60 days here:
Join the global conversation on social media Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
Communicate with e-pals around the world Help your students write typed letters, electronic documents, e-mail, online discussion posts and even blog posts to explore issues and ideas from a selected text.
Create a 'literacy center' in your classroom Establish four different literacy areas in your classroom: reading, listening, computer, poetry. Ask students for suggestions and implements ideas in each area.
Explore literacy through letter writing groups Integrate a letter exchange program in the classroom to motivate students to become excited about literacy.
Celebrate International Literacy Day 2014 with your students, 8th September!
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