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Before you read, answer these questions · Do you like to study? · What do you like about your school? · What are you studying for? · Who would you like to become in? A school is a place where people learn from a teacher and from each other as well! A school can be in a room or in any kind of building. It can even be in the open air. Schools are not the same in all countries. Let’s take a look around the world!!! A Hassan is nine years old. He is from Kashmir, India. “This is a picture of my school. It is outdoors. There is a blackboard outside, but there aren’t any chairs. We have our lessons in the open air everyday” B Emma is from Canada. She is ten years old. “I have my lessons in a big classroom. There are pictures on the walls. In this photo I am at my desk with my friends.” Marc is eight years old and he is from Holland. His home is on a boat. He and his family are always in different places. “My school is on a boat. It’s fun. Some days there is no school at all.” C I. Look at the pictures. Write the correct letter ( A- C ) . Which shows: 1. An outdoor school ____________ 4. A big classroom ____________ 2. Children in the open air ____________ 5. Pictures on the walls ____________ 3. A boat ____________ What do these words mean? Learn Building Chairs World Place Even Picture As well Countries Lessons School Outdoors Take a look Blackboard Everyday Room Around Classroom Desk Outside Walls Friends Boat Places II. Read the texts and answer the questions. (5 marks) 1. Where is Hassan from? _________________________________________________ 2. Where is Hassan’s school? _________________________________________________ 3. How old is Emma? _________________________________________________ 4. What’s Emma’s nationality? ________________________________________________ 5. Where is Marc’s school? _________________________________________________ Writing activity Alisha’s school. Hello! My name is Alisha. I am writing this letter to describe my lovely school of Springfield. It’s a Junior high school. I like my school. It seems to be a bit old, but it’s cool and has got character. The teachers are nice and understanding. And we have lots of activities, so we never got bored. There are interesting places to go. There are a gymnasium and a big playground. Some pupils like going there after classes to play football. That’s my favorite sport. There is also a library with lots of books. At first, it seems to be unpleasant place to stay because of the dust in the bookshelves. In the library there aren’t only books; there is a screen, some computers, some magazines. We can play chess or even cards in there. Then, there are the classrooms. They are many. I didn’t count them. They are cosy and comfortable. There are some specific rooms, too. Some of them are called laboratories. There is a laboratory of Chemistry, Physics, Science Computing, Biology and Math. There is one computer room. I think, pupils go there to do their project works or homeworks. This is the best place for me. Finally, there is a music room. I play the flute. I think, I play it well, but my teacher doesn’t agree. I really like studying here. My favorite subjects are English and Math. I love my timetable. I get up at 7:25 a.m. to come to school every day. I have classes at 8:30. I finish at 3 p.m. every day. It gives me time to do after-school activities like theater. I am studying Languages and I go to the Language club three times a week. There i can read magazines in German and French, watch a foreign video and listen to music. I think, that’s all for today. I will send a map of my school for you to see as it is really big! Write to me and talk about your school and your timetable. Your friend. Ashita Now write about how your school is. (200 words)

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Reading Comprehension Routines What are the activities you usually do on weekdays? And make a list. What do you usually do on Monday? Do you prepare your own breakfast? This is Mr. Clay. He is a factory worker. He works in a car factory. He gets up at 6.30 every day. He goes to work by train. It takes him half an hour to get to work. He starts work at 8 o’clock. He has lunch in the canteen. He works 8 hours a day. He works 5 days a week. He usually goes to the pub in the evening. He likes beer, football and rugby.

This is Mrs. Rogers. She works at home. She is a housewife. She gets up at 7 every day. She makes breakfast for her husband and her two sons. She washes up. She cleans the house. She makes the beds. She washes and irons clothes. She goes out shopping. She cooks. She works 11 hours a day. She works seven days a week. She likes flowers, cakes and television.

This is Miss Lennon. She is a secretary. She works in an office. She gets up at 8 o’clock on weekdays. She goes to work by train or by bus. It takes her a quarter of an hour to get to the office. She starts work at 9. She takes notes, writes letters and types them. She answers the telephone. She works 7 hours a day. She works 5 days a week. She likes cinema, swimming and dancing.

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Read the questions and give short answers. 1. Does Mr. Clay work in a car factory? __________________________________________. 2. Does Miss Lennon go to work by train? __________________________________________. 3. Does Mrs. Rogers get up at 9 p.m.? __________________________________________. 4. Does Mr. Clay have lunch at home? __________________________________________. 5. Does he start work at 8 o’clock? __________________________________________. 6. Does Mrs. Rogers work 11 hours a day? __________________________________________. 7. Does she work five days a week? __________________________________________. 8. Does Miss Lennon work eight hours a day? __________________________________________. 9. Does she like dancing? __________________________________________. 10. Does Mrs. Rogers live alone? __________________________________________.

Now use complete sentences in your answers. ABOUT MR. CLAY ABOUT MISS LENNON 1. What does Mr. Clay do for a living? _________________________________ 2. What time does he usually get up? __________________________________ 3. How does he go to work? __________________________________ 4. How long does it take him to get to work? ___________________________________ 5. Where does he have lunch? ___________________________________ 6. What does he usually do in the evening? _______________________________ 7. What sports does he like? _______________________________ 1. What is Miss Lennon’s job? _____________________________ 2. What time does she start work? ______________________________ 3. Does she go to work on foot? ______________________________ 4. How long does it take her to get to work? ______________________________ 5. Does she work every day? ______________________________ 6. What does she do at the office? ______________________________ 7. What does she like to do after work? ______________________________

Now ask questions for these answers about Mrs. Rogers. 1. ____________________________________? She works at home. 2. ____________________________________? She gets up at 7 every day. 3. ____________________________________? She works 11 hours a day. 4. ____________________________________? Yes, she works at the weekends, too. 5. ____________________________________? No, she eats at home. 6. ____________________________________? After the meals she washes up. 7. ____________________________________? She lives with her husband and two sons. 8. ____________________________________? She cleans the house every day. 9. ____________________________________? Yes, she usually goes out shopping. 10. ___________________________________? She likes flowers, cakes and TV.

Read the text: Susan’s daily routine Susan gets up at a half past seven. She has a shower at twenty-five to eight. She gets dressed at a quarter to eight. She has breakfast at eight o’clock. She goes to school at a quarter past eight. She has classes at half past eight. She has lunch at half past twelve. She finishes school at three o’clock. She studies at half past three and at half past four she has tea. She plays at a quarter past five. She has dinner at eight o’clock. She watches TV at half past eight. She goes to bed at ten o’clock.

1. Mark the following sentences True (T) or False (F). a) She goes to school at a quarter past eight. __________________ b) She gets dressed at eight o’clock. __________________ c) She has lunch at half past twelve. __________________ d) She watches TV at ten o’clock. __________________ e) She has tea at four o’clock. __________________2. Answer the questions about the text. a) What time does Susan get up? _______________________________ b) What time does Susan have breakfast? ________________________ c) What time does Susan go to school? ___________________________ d) What does she do at half past twelve? _________________________ e) What does she do at half past three? __________________________ f) What time does Mary go to bed? _____________________________ 3. Rewrite the following sentences beginning with He or She. a) They play sports. _________________________________________ b) I go to school by car. ______________________________________ c) We watch TV in the evening. _________________________________ d) I have breakfast at seven o’clock. ____________________________ e) They like English. _________________________________________ f) We sometimes play Playstation. ______________________________ 4. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate Preposition of time (in, on, at). a) The classes start ______ 8:30. b) I only have classes _____ the morning. c) _____ night I watch TV. d) My birthday is _______25th August. e) I don’t have classes _____ Summer. f) ________ Sundays I sleep till 11:00. 5. Build sentences. 1. always/her bike/at the weekends/She/rides 2. plays/never/tennis/He 3. watch/They/TV/at night/often 1. in the afternoon/She/reads/usually

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