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    Lives of empty habit
    - eliot believes that human activity based on habit= waste of time- aunt helen stood for certain values/mannerisms that neither the poet nor the servents had any respect for- while she felt very important, with house close to fashionable area and 4 servents, her life meant nothing- only the parrot was affected by her death

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    Double standards
    - she was very self important- she cared only for her animals- she left nothing to her servants and cared more about her dogs even though she appeared to care about her social image

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    "my maiden aunt""small house near a fashionable square cared for by servants to the number of four""silence at the end of her street. the shutters were drawn""the dogs were handsomely provided for, but shortly avterwards the parrot died too""the dresden clock continued to tick on the mantlpiece""who had always been so careful while her mistress lived" 
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