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    Definition- A dance form characterized by grace and precision of movement presented by a group or an individual dancing to a musical accompaniment, usually with costumes and scenery, and telling a story.
    Caption: : This is a scene from Tchaikovsky's ballet swan lake.

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    Definition- a love of one’s country; expressed by composers of the Romantic period and again in 20th-century music
    Caption: : This picture represents the different nationalities of the world. Each person is loyal to his own country.

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    Definition- An introductory movement for orchestra intended to introduce an opera, oratorio, or other dramatic vocal composition by presenting themes to be heard later in the composition. Also, an independent composition for orchestra; in this case, it is called a "concert overture."
    Caption: : This is a violin solo for four violins. (1812 Overture)

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    Program Music 
    Definition- Compositions with extra-musical content that directs the attention of the listener to a literary or pictorial association.
    Sorry, I couldn't find a picture for program music.

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    Symphonic poem
    Definition- A long orchestral work in one movement in which an extra-musical idea (literary, descriptive, etc.) serves as the basis of an orchestral composition. (programmatic)
    Caption: : The Sorcerer's Apprentice was a symphonic poem, before it became the major motion picture that it is today.
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