8th Grade Lab Safety


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    Lab Safety
    General Safety Guidelines Be responsible at all times. No horseplay, practical jokes, pranks, etc. Do not play with lab equipment. Don't use lab equipment until instructed to do so No food or drink allowed Keep room clean Notify teacher of accidents or unsafe conditions Wash hands after experiments

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    Eye Protection
    Wear goggles when working with chemicals, flames, or heating devices If chemical gets in your eye flush with water for 15 minutes and notify teacher

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    Sharp Objects
    When using knives or other sharp objects, walk with points facing down Cut away from fingers + body

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    Electrical Safety
    Don't place cord where someone can trip Never use around water Unplug all equipment before leaving the room

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    Animal Safety
    Only handle living organisms with teacher permission Always treat living organisms humanely Wash hands afterwards

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    Heating Safety
    Tie hair back when working with open flames Never look into container as it's heating Use tons or gloves when handling heated metal + glass Never leave heat source unattended

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    Chemical Safety
    Read all labels 2x before removing chemical from container Don't touch, taste, or smell Transfer Carefully

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    Hand Safety
    Notify teacher if chemical gets on you. Rinse for 15 minutes.

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    Plant Safety
    Don't eat any plants Wash hands after handling

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