CBC Ottawa news quiz for the week of July 31


How closely did you follow the past week in local news?
Trevor Pritchard
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Trevor Pritchard
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Question 1

What did Dominque Labelle, co-chair of the ByWard Market BIA, refer to recently as a "tough blow"?
  • The impact of rising gas prices on the market's farmers.
  • A fire that destroyed a historic restaurant.
  • The closure of a popular music venue.
  • An upcoming two-year project to replace aging watermains.

Question 2

Ottawa police said this week they’ve decided not to lay charges in what Defence Minister Anita Anand called a “desecration” of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. What happened?
  • Someone draped a U.S. flag over it.
  • Someone splashed red paint on it.
  • Someone chiseled their initials into it.
  • Someone vomited on it.

Question 3

This hospital’s ER was expected to fully reopen Wednesday, two weeks after service was reduced due to staffing shortages, but that didn’t happen. Where is it located?
  • Alexandria.
  • Carleton Place.
  • Perth.
  • Winchester.

Question 4

What crashed into the fence at 24 Sussex Drive Wednesday morning?
  • A french fry truck.
  • A hot air balloon.
  • An amphibious tour bus.
  • A self-driving vehicle.

Question 5

Marlene Haley told CBC News this week that a decision made by provincial officers against her business “seems absurd” and was “punishing the small producer.” What kind of business does she run?
  • An apple orchard.
  • A winery.
  • An ice cream shop.
  • A sugar shack.

Question 6

The Lowertown Community Association is calling on the city to intervene in the sale of St. Brigid's church to a group with possible ties to this winter's Freedom Convoy. What name does this group go by?
  • The United People of Canada.
  • Canadians for Peace and Prosperity.
  • The Maple Leaf Association.
  • The Movement for Democracy.

Question 7

A Gatineau, Que., man walked out of court this week with no criminal record, despite pleading guilty to three domestic assault charges. What reason did the judge give for granting him a conditional discharge?
  • A criminal record would mean he couldn't cross the border for his trucking company.
  • His City of Ottawa job might otherwise be in jeopardy.
  • The man, an ex-soldier, was suffering enough from his PTSD.
  • The victim's social media postings had already sufficiently punished the man.

Question 8

The Supreme Court of Canada said Thursday it would not hear a City of Ottawa appeal on a longstanding development dispute involving which of the following properties?
  • A Kanata golf course.
  • The Château Laurier hotel.
  • A derelict Bank Street building.
  • An ecologically sensitive wetland near Orléans.

Question 9

Getting around Ottawa could be a bit challenging this month, with maintenance-related closures planned for both the Confederation Line and WHICH stretch of Highway 417?
  • The Pinecrest/Greenbank exit to Maitland Avenue.
  • Carling Avenue to Parkdale Avenue.
  • Island Park Drive to Kent Street.
  • Bronson Avenue to the Vanier Parkway.

Question 10

It's unclear how this item disappeared from a church in Fassett, Que., or even where it was taken, but it turned up this week after the local historical society proposed to offer a reward. What is it?
  • A statue of the Virgin Mary.
  • A stained-glass window.
  • The bell from the church steeple.
  • A 19th-century pipe organ.
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