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Introduction to the world wide web and basic terminology
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The internet and the World Wide Web

The web is not the internet?! The internet is the physical parts you can touch, like computers, connections, routers, modems, etc. The Web is the content part like: websites, text, pictures, links, sound, etc.

To connect to the internet you need 4 basic components: A device (PC, tablet etc.) A internet provider (ISP) A modem-Router  A browser of your choice 

There are several browsers to connect and navigate the web: Google Chrome Safari MS Edge Mozilla Fire Fox Opera Internet Explorer There are many others  less popular browsers, you can use and learn about them.

To assist you with your searches, there are several search engines: AOL 1.1%   Ask 0.24%   Baidu 6.48%   Bing 12.26%   Google 69.24%   Lycos 0.00%   Yahoo! 9.19%

Emailing is a way of sending and receiving text messages, attachments, pictures, and other documents throughout electronic media like the internet.  Now days,  emailing is more then just sending/receiving messaging.  Email services come with eb-based programs, Apps, Storage, and more.     These are some of the most popular web-based email providers: (

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