Programming Goals: Creating a Learning Map for C#


A list of resources and points of interest to keep in mind when creating a learning goal for programming.
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In order to really organize and understand what I'm supposed to be learning and when on this long road to mastery of a programming language, I must first understand my resources and also how I plan to organize my studies based off the tutorial structures, websites I'll be learning from, books, and other resources.There will be 3 basic categories to creating this Learning Map, 1) Resources I will be using, 2) Timeline and how I plan to organize my studies and, 3) Milestones, Goals and, an End Goal.Timeline and Organization:First off, A set-in-stone timeline is not always helpful when learning a new subject. Sometimes you maybe stuck on a certain lesson or idea that you can't seem to grasp and you feel like you must move on without a better understanding because of a restrictive deadline. For this subject and my personal goal of a better understanding of programming, I'm setting my initial deadline for completion of my resources for 2 months from today.Initial Deadline for completion of mentioned Resources: 3-20-2016I will be organizing my mind map primarily from the resources that I choose, for example, if I choose a website with 20 tutorials on a certain programming language, in my mind map I will add a node for that website and set certain goals and milestones based off of the number of tutorials I complete.Organization will be based off of resources and goals/milestones will be based off the completion of the resources.Resources for Programming:Most of the resources I will be using are going to be online tutorials, however, I will also be purchasing some books for a deeper and better understanding of my selected language (C#). My resources are what I will primarily basing my goals and organization of my mind map off of. List of Resources that I'll be following:Books:C# In Depth, 3rd Edition - 616 Pages (From: Jon Skeet)C# Programming Tutorial PDF - 339 Pages (From: TutorialsPoint)Online:C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners - 25 Videos (From: Microsoft Virtual Academy)Programming in C# - 14 Modules (From EDX & Microsoft)These courses and books will give me a solid start and understanding of not only C# but also programming concepts that are layered inside of each programming language I will eventually come to touch. I normally would study from multiple resources at a time, but given the fact that I'm trying a new organizational method I'll also be trying to approach my studies differently as well.I will be only studying from one resource at any given time.Milestones, Goals and, End Goals:Given that I'm only going to be focusing on 4 resources for this project, Milestones and Goals are going to be sparse. These Milestones and Goals really only serve a purpose to motivate me. For each resource I will set a Milestone node halfway through the Chapters/Videos/Modules in that resource. I will also set goals for each resource and what I want to learn from that course. These end goals will be discussed in the Mind Map and a final End Goal (What I want to be able to accomplish after finishing all 4 resources) will be set in the Mind Map as well.

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