Outline the psychodynamic approach


Freud's theory outlined
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Freud- Abnormality has a psychological cause rather than physical from. It stems from unresolved conflicts that have been repressed in the unconscious part of the mind.

Only when a person is made conscious of these conflicts through psychoanalysis can they be cured of the deep-seated anxieties that are responsible for abnormal behaviour.

Freud also believed early childhood experiences determine about personality. therefore abnormality could often be traced back to traumatic events in childhood. these would have been pushed out of conscious awareness.

An important feature is the view of personality. this comprises in three parts: ID, EGO and SUPER-EGO.  in a mentally healthy person the three systems work together in an integrated manner. however abnormal bahaviour can result in conflict between the ID and SUPER-EGO which both have unrealistic motives. The SUPER-EGO represents morality, if this is left unchecked by the realistic EGO then our moral principles would be too high to maintain, this may result in a sense of failure. This may contribute to anxiety as we cant live up to the high standards of the SUPER-EGO. 

Outline psychodynamic approach to psychopathology.

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