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History of UAE:-  Independence from United kingdom in December 2-1971. In early 1960s oil discovered in Abu Dhabi. The 1st cargo of crude oil was exported from Abu Dhabi in 1962. In December 2, 1971 six of the Emirates united as United Arab Emirates, Ras Al khaimah joined later, in early 1972. On November 2004, the UAE's first president Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nayan died.

Understanding The United Arab Emirates :- 7 Emirates are:-   1-Abu Dhabi  2-Sharjah 3- Umm al Quain. 4- Fujeriah. 5- Dubai. 6- Ajman. 7-Ras Al Khaimah.      You are Muslim culture that mixes with cultures from  around the world. The main role of private security in the UAE is prevention Companies and Guard work together to make sure contracts are met. Immigration law states that you must have a proper visa. Labor law sates that you must have a work permit. Multi Culture in UAE. Local UAE citizen -15% Foreign nationals-85% 224 nationalities in UAE. 23% Arabs from other countries. 32% Indian. 38% others Asian and East. 5% European and North American. 25000 people add residence per month. Total area of UAEs 83,600 km2. Country's founder H.H Shikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.        UAE citizens have strong sense of security :-  There is high police present in public. Private security is widely used, most building have security guard. Building owners have an expectation that private security will solve the local problems.  

Security company and Guard licensing :-  PSBD :-  Private Security Business Department. (Northern emirates) PSCOD :-  Private Security Companies Organization Department. ASSD :- Auxiliary Security Services Department.  ( Abu Dhabi) SIRA :- Security Industry Regulatory Agency. ( Dubai) phone number :- 02-402666 website : www.psbd.ae PSBD/ASSD is a unit of Abu Dhabi police & part of UAE ministry of interior and federal department, The staff of the PSCOD is mixture of police officers & civilian support staff. PSCOD has the office in the 6 state of UAE. PSBD employee is Abu Dhabi police officer, it has 5 specific responsibilities. Approving security companies. Establishing the standards. Licensing guard. Inspection companies and security guards. Enforcing the private security law. Three Responsibility of PSBD/PSCOD :- Examination. Issue licenses. Enforce the law. What is private security? ''Private security is a commercial service providing protection and securing to specific client with a focus on prevention.'' Security has two major division Public- ( Police )  & Private - Security Companies  Basic duty of  UAE police :- Protect life . Prevent crime. Enforce law. Conduct Investigation. Private security :- In house. contract. And duty responsibility is protect people, property & information. Goal of security guard is the identification and prevention of problems that affect client.   Security have 2 function.  Static :- Guards deployed in a fixed place or post. Patrol :- Physical movement of a guard in a specific area.    

Methods providing area protection:- Building or perimeter protection. Alarm or surveillance system. Fire prevention and control system. Emergency and disaster planning. Accident prevention and safety rules. Enforcement of rules and regulation. How to protect people ? Observation of crime against of a person. Keeping people out of the hazardous area. Being alert to dangerous situation or hazards. Ensuring a safe environment. Tool use to protect (PPI) Barriers, Surveillance equipment e.g. CCTV. Your observation power, Awareness of your surroundings. Patrol, Search, Crowd control, Alarms. Lock.

Three major ways to protect property:- Awareness of your surroundings. Patrols. Searches. Site order :-A set of requirement for a security at a specific location which contains information about the location and how security is to be provided. Site order :- General area of responsibility. Post order:- Specific location at a site. Site order is also known as post order.    

Three part of Report :- Introduction Body Summary Report writing formula is 5'W/1H. Two Important considerations.- Assume you reports could be read by anyone ( except the general public.) Don't say anything is a report that you can't justify. Communication :- Sending  receiving information by speech writing and messaging is called communication. Three messages of communication. Body language -60% Tone of voice   - 30%   ( How to speak) Word -10%   ( the  word use) Type of languages. Passive Aggressive The distance or space between 2 people :- Intimate space 0-2 fit. personal space  2 - 4 fit. Social space    4 -7 fit. Public space    7- 20 fit. you have no particular right. Good listening is as important as good speaking 50% /  50% both together make up effective communication.  

Good listening includes :- Focusing on what is being said. Watching t speaker. Asking questions. Showing empathy. Communication skills :- Verbal. Non verbal. "Effective communication is skill of being able to give someone the Right message in the Right way to ensure that it is Understood as intended." Three part of  effective communication:- The right message In the right way Understood as intended. Dialogue includes :- Speaking clearly . Presenting the right message. Speaking confidently. Listen. How to established proper presence:- Make eye contact. Be aware of your body language. Ensure that your uniform is at the proper deportment standards. Negative contacts :- People dissatisfied with your client. People who have had a bad way. People who want to  cause trouble . People upset with the work of security. Preventing a negative contact from happening. Be willing to help. Explain. Don't make assumption about your customer. Based on age or race. How do you turn a negative in to positive contact :- Act professionally. Be confident in your work. Try and solve person's problems. "The most important tool in dealing with difficult people is your attitude things not to do with difficult people." Be difficult in return. Be sarcastic or rude. Argue Laugh. "Your attitude :- Keep a positive attitude. Difficult people are the minority. Focus on providing good security. You can not eliminate what is out of you control. Be realistic and flexible when you can.

Professionalism:- "A person proper knowledge & skill who can give his best efforts even in worst  situation." Professional :- "A person who does his best job when feeling worst." "Being professional is a state of mind as much as membership." Physical /Professional standards can be divided into 3 categories :- Clothing Grooming Equipment. Discretion:- " Discretion is careful use of a good judgment n each individual situation to decide how to act." Public relation :- "The relation between your company & your client for business." Integrity and Ethics:- It is fundamentally important that security guards work within boundaries of integrity and ethics. "Integrity is one of the most important qualities a S.G can have, client has selected your company and your company has selected you because they believe they will receive reliability , honesty and trust." Ethics :-  ''knowing the difference between good and bad, right and wrong, recognizing moral duties and obligations." Qualities of integrity:- Reliability Honesty Trust. "Impartiality is being fair & equal in all that you do. Impartiality can be affected by attitudes of discrimination or prejudice." #- Impartiality can be effected by "- Discrimination Prejudice Stereotyping Attitude Faulty perception and also by something worst. Discrimination:- Unfairness. Dealing the people on the base of race religion, color, gender language & background is call discrimination. Discrimination is treating se people different from other on the basis of race, religion, gender, or ethnic background. Prejudice:-Narrow mindedness, jealousy. Pre-judgment about a person or about group. Prejudice comes from prejudge and is bias against someone or something because of a personal belief. How  you will deal with prejudice:- Ignore it Address it Tell someone about it Changer your own behavior. Stereotyping :- Fixed ideas.  "Stereotyping is an individual behavior that makes assumptions about people or culture as a group."   "   Don't judge a book by its cover. *Misconduct comes from not action with integrity and ethics. Misconduct:- Peer- pressure Opportunity Rationalization Frustration 4C's :-  Team work means working in co-operation toward a common goal. Team work can be achieved by remembering 4'C'. Collaboration co-operation Creativity Clarity.    

Deportment:- A deportment is a way in which guard present themselves to the public and consist of a number factors. Aspects of deportment :- Uniform Behavior Posture Demeanor Conduct.                           * your uniform represents your company in the world.                                          * Your deportment is key to the relationship between you . your employer and the clients. Benefit of good deportment:- Shows that the guard is serious about work. Gives an impression that security is taken seriously. Security Customers are:- The Primary client. Client's of client.   (people who deal with your primary client.) The public. Client needs normally 5 duties from security guards- Security Assistance knowledge Problem solve Positive image. Exceeding service expectations:- Be consistent Be positive Remember that image is important Customer focused. Crime affect 3 things:- Higher prices for goods Higher insurance cast Personal injury or death.      

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*In order to have good security awareness you have to be observant observations a skill that can be learned. Basic role of security guard :- Observe Report Record. Observation skills / Awareness means:- Being alert Understanding your Environment Being attentive Remembering what happened previously. Good Security Awareness:- Knowing what equipment should be in the post knowing who should be allowed in on a site and who has been recently terminated. knowing whether a large group of people just going to the wash all together. Recognizing weather an outside door is properly closed  or is propped opened. knowing whether a situation has happened once or part of a patron that has happened before. "It is part of the role of a security guard to assist client and the police in prevention crime."

Security guard prevent crime by :- Being aware Making  suggestion Being visible Talking to people Sharing information Writing good notes and complete report. Observation skill allows us to understand what we have seen. The role of security guard is to access an event and determine whether it is routine or requires action.   Observation skill can be:- Reactive Proactive " To gather information that is useful is one of the basic roles of private security to observe and report." Four use storing in information as needed. Note book Supervisor Write a report Client about that issue. *-Information is only helpful if it is used properly and shared. *-Information is no good if you don't share it. *-Traffic should only be directed by a person by a person if it is not able to move effectively on its own. Information Security Information security is the guarding of computer hardware and software from theft and use for illegal purpose. Accident report:- All traffic accidents occurring in the UAE must be reported to the police. Vehicles should never be moved if person's' are injured.   Traffic control situation:- As part of regular duty for when direction taxis at a mall or direction construction vehicle at work site. Security guard may be required to direct traffic  part of their duty or in case of emergency. Traffic accidents in the UAE  must be reported to the police. Traffic control by person is only necessary if the traffic can not move on its own or for safety. Understand what you can do to prevent information theft, familiarize yourself with the available types  computer hardware and software. The key to information security is to know your area and be vigilant. Priorities at an accident scene:- is there any injured Is there any gas leakage or fire in the vehicle Is the accident blocking traffic remember that an accident scene may turn out to be a crime scene. *There are 10 law enforcement officials. Three power of enforcement officials. Power to arrest Search Investigation.  

law :-   " Is the way governments regulate & control society." Main sources of law in UAE :- Sharia law  (Islamic) Constitutional law ( Federal law) Customary law  (Al -Erf) Basic function of law. Right and privileges. Obligations. Crime :- Is an act or omission against of the law. To be found guilty of a crime an accused must be ./ (Element of Guilt) Sane Mature Not under duress. Ages of criminal responsibility :- 7 years no criminal responsibility. 7-18 years are considered delinquent minor. 18 years above eligible for criminal responsibility. Elements of crime :- Illegal Moral. Sources of statute law / 2 type of law :-  Civil law :- Labor , Immigration, Family dispute , Land lord and Tenant dispute. Criminal law :-                                a) Felony   :- Most serious kind of crime.                                               Punishment could be prison for 3-15 years life in prison or death.                               b) Misdemeanor :- Mid- level crime.                                              Punishment 30 days -3 years.                              c) Contravention :- Low level crime                                              Punishment day 1 - day 10 prison. Fine -100 to 1000 AED. or both. Age of maturity in criminal law , Accused should be 18 years old. In civil law 21 years old. Age of responsibility is 7 years old , less than 7 years declare as an infant. Involve in court:- Judge Prosecutor Defence lawyer Accused Witness. Power of arrest :-  " An arrest is the detention of a person according to law and power of arrest come from authority granted by the law." Police power of arrest and detain :- Prosecutor make a decision someone charged to court or not. If a person is charged with a crime they can be held in prison until the trial. (up to 3- days.) Detention :- Keeping arrested person under custody for investigation. Detention is voluntary :- If the person defined wishes to leave or not cooperate, they are legally free to leave. The 3 legal duties when detaining someone:- Identify yourself. Request the person's operation. Tell the true reason for talking to them. Arrest :- an arrest is the stopping of a person according to law. In the UAE e power to arrest exists for both police |& civilians, Three way to Arrest:- Red handed crime Reliable witness information (CCTV) Warrant of arrest  ( only for police). How police deal with crime scene: Identify themselves. Secure suspect & victim. Secure any physical evidence & witness. Conduct an initial investigation. " Civilians & the police have the same basic authority to arrest someone seen committing a crime." " When a crime has not been committed : Use necessary force only in the act for the purpose."" Making an arrest can be one of the most sensitive and difficult part of a security guards job. Know your legal rights and requirement Know your company policies. If you make an arrest, you have 4 legal duties.:- Identify yourself. Tell he person they are under arrest. Tell them the true reason for the arrest. Tell them they are now in the custody if necessary physically restrain them. After arrest you most contact the police immediately. Hand over the arrested person over as soon as possible. Search :- To look for any illegal & lost item for safety and security." Searching method :- Try visual search first. Ask the permission to search. Do not mixed genders search unless there is a serious emergency. If any item is seized as result of search , it should be given to police Type of search:- Visual search Request search Agreed search. Security guards have no power to search other them by consent. Only law enforcement officials may search an accused who has been lawfully arrested.   Security guards do not have any power to search. Remember your safety is very important. Use of force :- Everyone has the right to use force to defend themselves against attack. The key is using no more force them is necessary to bring the culprit under control. *******SECURITY MOTTO :- Securities are SHIELDS not SWORDS.********  

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*****There is no crime if the act is committed in the user o the right of legitimate defence.****** Four condition must be present before anyone can use the right of legitimate defence:- If you face impending danger. you don' have he time to contact police. you have no  other choice for protection. Defence is necessary to resist the attack. Evidence :- Anything which can proof or disproof gilt. Evidence is anything that is factually based and can be used to assist someone in coming to a conclusion of judgment. Evidence is a critical part of any investigation and must be handled properly. Evidence relevant to an event may be found at a crime or incident  scene or at another place. We use evidence to :- Determine the facts of an incident. create the event occurring before during of after an incident. Identify people or things related to an incident. Three types of evidence:- Real ( original evidence) Verbal Documentary. Evidence can be used in court if it:- is relevant Has been in someone care & Has been properly identified. Continuity of evidence :- Evidence must be able to be traced continuously form the time it was found to the time it is used in a court. this process is known as establishing continuity of evidence Four ways of documenting evidence :- Notes in your notebook In a report Photographs. CCTV recording. ******** Anyone can be a witness . Adults/children/ CCTV operator.******** Anyone who saw or heard something, it's very important to know that many of the some services used to protect people as listed above re the some services used to protect, property & information.

Patrolling :-   Checking area of responsibility for any change of danger is called patrolling. Main Three purpose of patrol. Protect people protect property protect information.  *(10) general responsibility of patrol.* Security patrol :- The goal of security is the prevention and identification of problem (situation) that may negatively affect your client. ****** You should never carry any kind of weapon unless it has been authorized by your company approved by PSBD."***** Patrolling sense :- Sight Hearing Smell Touch Test. Type of patrol :- Proactive Re-active control area Random Directed. Method of patrol. ( common ways of patrolling ) Moving on foot. Bicycle Motor Vehicle Visual ( CCTV mirrors scopes) Access control :- " Access control is controlling the movement of people, vehicle, material and information in to and out of a site." You should be aware of your work site's policies regarding access  control. The two basic requirement of personnel access :- Determining identity:-  a) Personal recognition  :- by seeing him or her.                                                      b) Identification card :- checking by ID cards like license ,labor card ,EID ..... etc.        2.  Determining level of access:-  The key to handle unauthorized access is to be polite but firm. If an emergency vehicle approaches your control point, you should try to determine in advance, if it is authorized.   Things to search for at a work site:- Danger items Stolen items Prohibited items. Four categories of physical protection:- Perimeter protection Building Space / area Object protection. ****Hazards = Possible danger.**** Two types of hazards :- Natural hazards:-                                     2.  Manmade hazards :- Flood                                                             . Crime                                          Earthquake                                                   .  Fire (Arson) Fire                                                                 .  Bomb threat Wind or storm                                             . Accident. Landslide. Understanding hazards: WHMIS W- work place H- hazard M- materials I - information S- system. What hazards should you look for worksite :- Physical hazards Machine hazards Biological hazards  Materials handling hazards. Effective radio communication :- The  types of radio :- Base station radio Car radio Portable radio.

When using a radio Do the fallowing :- Think about what you are going to say before you say it. Speak clearly & carefully. Be brief & concise. Use the proper radio codes and terminology. Find a good transmission area. When using a radio Don't do the following :- Break in to another transmission except. in case of emergency. Get carried away with radio slang. Give out location, telephone number & me on radio. Use the radio for personal use. Always use the phonetic alphabet and the 24 hours clock on the radio. Be careful what you say on the radio, as someone else may be listening. Always remember  : Think, Transmit and talk while you use radio.   Preserving an incident scene:- Prevent destruction of evidence. Prevent false evidence from appearing. Secure the scene for investigation. Keep non authorized person out of the immediate area. Two important considerations while making a report:- Assume your report could read by anyone. Don't say anything in a report that you can't justify. Emergency :- An expected or unexpected situation which case serious damage of people, property & information is called emergency. An emergency situation  is a serious occurrence that happens unexpectedly and requires immediate action. Emergency situation can be :- Manmade :- Major crimes , Accidents, equipment, Failures. Natural :-    disasters, pubic health. environment. Three major types of emergency :- Danger to life Danger to health Danger to property The key to deal with any emergency is leadership & planning. The most important thing you can do to deal with emergency is plan for it to happen. Always think about what you would do if an emergency. People reaction in emergency :-  Shock Disbelief Crying or shouting Running away. **People act differently in emergency situation.** Security guard reacts in a emergency :- keep calm Ask for help Use the resources around you Follow the plan Kw your site. The most important aspect of building evacuation is having a plan for safe evacuation and conduction it without panic.**" **In order to have a safe and panic free evacuation a security guard should always know the site emergency plan.** Five considerations for evacuation plan :- Prepare in advance Know what you are going to do Know how to do it What happens when you do it. Expect the unexpected. Labor dispute :- Protect people from injury or assault Protect property from damage Control site access in accordance with the site order.  

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Crowd control :- Crowd control is the orderly management of large group of people. Never try to control a crowd alone. Types of crowd :- Passive Issue focused Aggressive & out of control. ** If the police give you direction make sure your supervisor has been informed.** Dealing with crowd. Be friendly but firm Keep your eyes on the crowd all for assistance if a problem arises If a crowd becomes too unmanageable move any for you safety. Bomb threat :- The information about an explosive device which can make serious damages to people, property & information is called bomb threat. Most bomb threats are false and are made as a way of promotion fear            but ! All bomb threats should be taken seriously. When receiving a threat it is most important to act CLAMY and get as much information as possible. THERE ARE 5 PRINCIPLES OF BOMB SEARCH :- Have a plan Use people for a search who know the building. Don't use radios or mobiles during a search for on explosive device. Make sure staffs involved in a search are briefed on what to do. Make sure building maps are  available and every area is covered. Switch off distances: 15 M. handheld radio. 50 M. radio in vehicle. Use landline phone. Method of BOMB search :- Grid search. Concentric circles. Bottom to tap search. Minimum safe distance from suspect devices :- Briefcase           -                  100 meter. Car size             -                   200 meter. Vehicle              -                   400 meter. The key is to search each are in turn and know what has been searched and what has not been searched. ****  IF YOU FIND A SUSPICIOUS ITEM "DO NOT TOUCH IT "****

FIRE Chemical reaction between heat, fuel & oxygen is called fire.

Fire requires 3 elements +1 process. If the oxygen is less then 21 % fire doesn't exist. The easiest way to deal with fire is to prevent it from happening in the first instance. To extinguisher any fire a security guard only has to remove any one of the 3 elements &  the fire will starve and go out. **** 5 Five class of fire ****:- Class  A fire        -        Solid. Class  B  fire       -        Liquids. Class  C fire       -         Gas. Class  D fire      -         Metals  ( cancelled in UAE) Class  E fire       -        Electrical fire. Movement of FIRE:- Conduction Conviction Radiation Direct. Consider every alarm is a real fire. If you activate a fire alarm in a building the fire service ( civil defence ) should always be called. Method to stop FIRE :- Starving Smoothing Cooling. Remember PASS formula. Pull the pin to unlock  the lever. Aim the nozzle to the bass of fire. Squeeze the lever. Swap by side to side, left to right or right to left. *** Remember always face your back towards door so you can leave the area safely when the fire becomes uncontrolled. *** Some initial devices automatically contact the fire service and some do not. Extinguishing FIRE :- Water  (red)  - should only be used for class 'A' fires , never use for liquid ,electrical or metal fire they may only make the fire worse & spread. Carbon dioxide ( Black ) CO2,- used for fighting class 'B' fire, flammable liquids. Dry chemical powder (DCP/blue) - generally used to fight a combination of fires usually electrical fire class 'E". In case of fire 1st of all :-look an the label for which class of fire that extinguisher is used for.  

Three major parts of alarm system :- Sensor Control panel Annunciator. Major types of Alarm:- Distress Alarm Fire  Alarm Intrusion Alarm. Types of Sensors Photoelectric Motion Pressure. ** If a break in or damage to property has occurred, you should remain at the scene until the police have arrived.**  

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CCTV :- Close circuit television.

Use of CCTV In area where surveillances does not want to be noticed. In area where it is dangerous or impractical to have a person conduct surveillance. In large area of land or property. Part of CCTV:- Camas. Monitors. Recording devices. CCTV can be wired or wireless & internet. Two types of CCTV cameras :- Stationary camera. Moveable camera. ** Viewing a number of cameras on one screen is called Video splitter.** mal computer parts are often extremely valuable, either in price or in the information thy contain. The key to information security is to be vigilant. " Information security is the guarding of computer hardware and software from theft and use for illegal purpose." Priorities at an accident scene :- Is there any injured Is there any gas leakage or fire in the vehicle Is the accident blocking traffic Remember that an accident scene may turn out to be crime scene. Customer services:- Security companies are service business and security guards are a vital part a delivering quality services. Providing excellence in customer service was one of fundamentals of professionalism.

Providing a service :- It means doing something customer wants in a way a customer wants to done. Service  the responsibility of every person in a service based company Security customers :- The primary clients People who deal with your primary client . The public Exceeding service expectation :- Be consistent Be positive Remember that image is important Be focused on customer. Good security and good service :- Treat people in the friendly way Don't follow people around Try and recognize regular client's representatives and customer Apply the rules consistently. Keep security customer service skill:- Anticipate Be patient B polite remain calm Handle complaints appropriately. Example of non security task :- Carrying package for a client's customer Running and errand Counting people entering a mall Parking vehicle. ***** Security is a service business it must always balanced against customer service.**** Type of  scene :- An incident An accident Crime scene. How security guard documenting an incident scene :- Note in your notebook In report Photographs An incident scene drawing ************* DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER ************* SAFETY        -     PROTECTION. SECURITY   -      PREVNTION  

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