Biology Recap


Topic Recap half way to GCSE
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Biology Recap
  1. Body Systems
    1. Blood
      1. Platelets
        1. Small pieces of cell which clot blood at the wound
          1. The platelets bind together with strands of proteins call Fibrin
            1. This heals the wound and prevents further blood loss
        2. White Blood Cells
          1. Ingests microbes
            1. Deals with infections
            2. Red Blood Cells
              1. Contain Haemoglobin
                1. Made of iron
                  1. A reversable reaction
                    1. Oxyhaemoglobin is formed when bonded to 4 oxygen molecules
                    2. Have no nucleus
                    3. Plasma
                      1. A liquid which transports soluble substances
                        1. Salts and hormones are dissolved in plasma
                          1. Carries heat energy around the body
                        2. Lungs
                          1. Gas Exchange
                            1. Alveoli
                            2. Heart
                              1. Valves
                                1. 4 Chambers
                                  1. Entry and exit of the blood
                                2. Enzymes....
                                  1. ....become denatured and don't die
                                    1. best at one particular pH and Temperature. This is their optimum
                                      1. ....are a biological catalyst
                                        1. ....are affected by 6 factors...
                                          1. Pressure
                                            1. Surface area
                                              1. Substance Concentration
                                                1. Enzyme Concentration
                                                  1. Temperature
                                                    1. pH
                                                  2. Plants
                                                    1. Organs and Tissue
                                                      1. Plants and Leaves
                                                        1. Stoma
                                                      2. Transportation happens through...
                                                        1. Xylem (Larger)
                                                          1. Phloem (Smaller)
                                                            1. Roots
                                                              1. Transpiration
                                                                1. Active Transport
                                                              2. Health
                                                                1. Cancer
                                                                  1. Tumors
                                                                    1. Mallignant
                                                                      1. Spread around the body in the bloodstream
                                                                        1. Can get into healthy tissue and form secondary tumors
                                                                          1. They are dangerous, cancerous and can be fatal
                                                                          2. Benign
                                                                            1. Masses of abnormal cells which stay in one place and aren't normally dangerous
                                                                          3. Carcinogen
                                                                            1. A substance capable of causing cancer in a living tissue
                                                                          4. Effects of lifestyle...
                                                                            1. Diet
                                                                              1. Excercise
                                                                                1. Alcohol
                                                                                  1. Smoking
                                                                                  2. Congenital Heart Disease
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