Plant Diseases


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Plant Diseases
  1. How can plant diseases be detected
    1. Stunted growth
      1. Spots on leaves
        1. Areas of decay
          1. Growths
            1. Malformed stems or leaves
              1. Discolouration
                1. Presence of pests
                2. How can plant diseases be identified
                  1. Referring to a garden manual or website
                    1. Taking infected plants to a labatory to identify the pathogen causing the disease
                      1. Using testing kits that contain monoclonal antibodies
                      2. What can cause plant diseases
                        1. Plants can be infected a range of viral (TMV), bacterial and fungal (Rose Black Spot) pathogens as well as by insects.
                          1. Aphids are insects that can cause and spread disease in plants
                          2. Why do plants need mineral ions
                            1. Plants need mineral ions from the soil
                              1. They need nitrates to make proteins so they can grow
                                1. They need magnesium to make chlorophyll so they can absorb light for photosynthesis
                                  1. If plants don't recieve enough mineral ions, their growth will be stunted due to lack of nitrates, and without enough magnesium their leaves with turn yellow
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