Preventing and Fighting Disease


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Preventing and Fighting Disease
  1. Natural Defence System
    1. Skin
      1. Acts as barrier for pathogens and secretes antimicrobal substances
      2. Hairs and mucus in the nose
        1. Hair traps pathogen that have been breathed in, in mucus in the nostrils
        2. Trachea and Bronchi
          1. Secrete mucus to trap pathogens
            1. Lined with cilia (hair like projections).
              1. Waft mucus up to the back of the throat where it can be swallowed
            2. Stomach
              1. Produces hydrchloric acid which kills pathogens that make it far from the mouth
            3. Preventing the Spread of Disease
              1. Being hygeinic
                1. E.g. washing hands before preparing food or after sneezing
                2. Destroying vectors
                  1. Vectors that are insects can be killed using insecticides or by destroying their habitat so they can no longer breed.
                  2. Isolating Infected Individuals
                    1. Vaccination
                      1. People who have been vaccinated cannot develop the infection and then pass it on to someone else.
                    2. Immune System/White Blood Cells
                      1. Consuming/engulfing pathogens
                        1. Called PHAGOCYTOSIS
                        2. Producing Antibodies
                          1. Every pathogen has unique antigens on its surface.
                            1. White blood cells produce antibodies to lock onto this specific antigen.
                              1. Antibodies are then produced rapidly and carried around the body to find all similar bacteria or viruses.
                                1. If the same pathogen enters the body again, the white blood cells will rapidly produce the correct antibodies to kill it.
                          2. Producing antitoxins
                            1. Antitoxins counteract the toxins produced by invading the bacteria
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