Spread of pathogens


GCSE Biology Mind Map on Spread of pathogens, created by Antonia Rout on 22/04/2017.
Antonia Rout
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Antonia Rout
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Spread of pathogens
  1. Food
    1. Eating raw or undercooked food
      1. Causes salmonella or diarrhoea
      2. Causes illnesses because large amounts of micro-organisms are in the gut
      3. Touch
        1. Micro-organisms are spread through having direct contact with an infected person
        2. Water
          1. Drinking water containing sewage
            1. Can cause diarrhoea or salmonella
          2. Air/droplet transmission
            1. Coughing, sneezing or talking
              1. Expelling tiny droplets full of pathogens from breathing system
                1. Other people breath in droplets and pathogens they contain
            2. Sharing body fluid
              1. Can be spread through mosquitos
                1. Take infected blood from one person and pass it to another
              2. Animals
                1. Being bit by an infected animal
                  1. Pathogens are transferred from animal to you
                2. A break in the skin
                  1. Pathogens enter body through cuts, scratches or needle punctures
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