English Language Techniques 2


This will help you on your English Language exam. Guaranteed high grades. :) A good way to remember these techniques: DAFOREST Direct Address Alliteration Facts Opinion Rhetorical Questions/ Repetition Emotive Language Statistics Three (rule of 3)
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English Language Techniques 2
  1. Direct Adress
    1. i.e. YOU are the reason people smile everyday.
      1. Effect on the reader: Makes the reader feel involved in the text and catches their attention.
    2. Alliteration
      1. i.e. Awesome adventures always
        1. Effect on the reader: Makes the text memorable and psychologically intrigues them.
      2. Facts
        1. i.e. 7/10 women recommend herbal essences.
          1. Effect on the reader :Makes the text look authentic and impressive.
        2. Opinion
          1. i.e.Vogue is the best magazine available.
            1. Effect on the reader: Gives the readers an insight of what the writer thinks of the situation
          2. Rule of 3
            1. i.e. The lady next door was beautiful, gorgeous and dazzling. All in one.
              1. Effect on the reader: Gives the text a more interesting description and a better imagery is created.
            2. Repetition
              1. i.e We care about the plants. We care about the trees. We care about the environment.
                1. Effect on the reader: Makes the text memorable and emphasises the purpose of the text.
              2. Emotive Language
                1. i.e His delicate touch sent tingles shooting through my body, causing an eruption of butterflies in the pit of my stomach.
                  1. Effect on the reader: Makes the text more memorable and effective in luring the reader on.
                2. Statistics
                  1. i.e. 57% of women eat pancakes daily.
                    1. Effect on the reader: Makes the text look authentic and sophisticated.
                  2. Rhetorical Questions.
                    1. i.e. Do you ever feel like the world is closing in on you?
                      1. Effect on the reader: Makes the readers feel involved in the text and grasps their attention
                    2. senses
                      1. i.e smell,taste,touch see,hear.
                        1. this has an effect on the reader and makes the reader feel alive in the story the reader to read on.
                      2. onomatopoeia
                        1. i.e bang,tick tock,squeek
                          1. makes the read hear what is going on in the story
                        2. long senteces
                          1. i.e the man with the big hat was tall,thin and handsome and had a very deep voice which scared the small kids walking by he was wear a suit which was black in colour and a whit shirt.
                            1. this is used to descirbe and inform.
                          2. short sentence
                            1. suddenly there was a loud noise
                              1. For dramatic effect shock or to emphasise a point
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