Mindmap to support Step 1.6 of the EPQ MOOC
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  1. Easy to fit with the EPQ requirements
    1. Is your idea appropriate for an EPQ?
      1. For example, is your topic dependent on a lot of support from others? An EPQ requires independent study.
    2. Time
      1. How much time have you planned to dedicate to your EPQ?
        1. Have you chosen a topic you can complete within the available time? Think about your ‘Current knowledge’, the‘Ease of finding information’, and the project's ‘Achievability’.
      2. Achievability
        1. Consider the scope of your topic.
          1. In other words, is your idea both big enough and small enough to make a convincing project within the word count?
        2. Personal interests
          1. You will be spending a lot of time on your EPQ, so choose a topic that interests you!
          2. Help available
            1. How much help do you need with finding out about the topic?
              1. Are you certain that there is enough support for your choice of topic?
            2. Your motivation
              1. Consider why you are doing your EPQ.
                1. If it is to enhance your UCAS Personal Statement, choose a topic that does do this.
              2. Ease of finding information
                1. Investigate how easy it is to find the information you need.
                  1. If this is difficult, you may need to rethink the topic.
                2. Current coursework
                  1. Remember your EPQ cannot repeat work you have done in your A-Level or other coursework.
                    1. It can extend something you have already investigated, but it MUST NOT be the same.
                  2. Ethics
                    1. Is your project ‘ethical’?
                      1. In other words, if your topic involves people in some way, ensure you respectful both of their privacy and in the way you discuss them.
                    2. Current knowledge
                      1. You may find it easier to choose a topic that you already know something about.
                        1. This will allow you to get a head start by brainstorming what you know and deciding what you need to find out.
                          1. Think hard before choosing something completely new because this may involve a lot more work!
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