Key Shakespeare Facts


Celebrate William Shakespeare's 450th birthday with this Mind Map full of weird facts you never knew!
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Key Shakespeare Facts
  1. 38 plays & 154 sonnets
    1. 2070 printed pages completed
      1. More than 52 million results when you search "SHAKESPEARE" on Google
        1. Used the word "Dog" or "Dogs" over 200 times in his works
          1. 27 Uranus Moons are named after Shakespeare characters
            1. Over 3,000 words have been added to the English language due to Shakespeare's work
              1. The play Macbeth is represented more than 6 times per day around the world
                1. The amount paid for Shakespeare's First Folio (1623) was $6 million
                  1. William Shakespeare's 450th Birthday 23rd April 2014
                    1. A bloodthirsty Author
                      1. 13 suicides
                        1. Rome0
                          1. Juliet
                            1. Macbeth
                              1. Otello
                                1. Brutus
                                2. 29 Assinations
                                  1. His works detail over 60 deaths!
                                  2. Most Popular Pieces
                                    1. 1. Hamlet
                                      1. 2. Macbeth
                                        1. 3. Romeo & Juliet
                                          1. 4. Othello
                                          2. Weird Facts
                                            1. When Shakespeare wrote his plays, women were not allowed to act so men played all characters
                                              1. "The Comedy of Errors" is the shortest play and "Hamlet" is the longest
                                                1. Was not credited with all his work, the play Cardenio has never been recorded
                                                2. Famous Phrases
                                                  1. "All that glitters is not gold"
                                                    1. "A hood doesn't make the monk"
                                                      1. "My kingdom for a horse"
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